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I have almost struggled to find something to write about these past few days as some of the stories I wanted to share were too private. You probably will relate to this. I usually have to think long and hard about my purpose for sharing my thoughts.

I am struck by our human nature in comparison to God’s however. You know when you feel and know you don’t deserve much but God demonstrates His love as if you over deserve it – what I have come to understand as Grace.

Grace they say is defined as unmerited favour, when you do not get the bad you deserve but the good you don’t deserve. It humbles you.

It’s been a truly humbling week. One that deserves me taking back the complaining comments I have made in the past.

God is faithful and does not make sense too. But He’s God. 😁

I love the way He’s always reaching out to us. Take for example the lyrics of the song “Reckless Love”

Imagine how much I battled with posting the words, “Jesus is coming soon.” It is a statement not a topic for debate. He just is. You see when we start to reflect on life and truly realise it’s all about and for Him, God, we begin to grasp a little bit about His Love.

When we say we don’t believe in God but fear death, get married, work jobs, get a doctor’s opinion, take medical prescriptions for ailments we are acknowledging we need help. And in a funny way, we are following some of the designs God created from time. He gave man jobs and put the desire to work in us. He gave women the ability to produce. He gave us the freedom to love too. It’s all a demonstration of God. What I struggle to grasp is how people who think God is so wicked that he would punish them with sickness, circumstances always seem to be looking for ways to get out of these situations.

Maybe it’s time for us to get refreshed thinking? I am learning to seek God’s ways of thinking even more now than before. How do you get your head around world events, chaos, intrusive technology, righting wrongs etc. Subject for another day I guess.

I am still amazed at Jesus behaviour and comments concerning the way Lazarus’s situation was handled. A man was very sick and his sisters knowing, that Jesus loved their family so much and would respond if called upon, reached out to him. According to another narrator, he was sent a text to say, “your friend is sick and dying”. He replies “there shall be no death this sickness will not end in death.” How does that even make sense when to all indications, the man was very sick. If you think that was strange, you will not believe what happened next. Jesus continues with his jobs, missions or whatever was keeping him busy. I am not sure if he got any other reminder texts but his associates were a little concerned at his response. He actually waits for another two days! Four days passed before he discusses with his associates that Lazarus is dead and he seemed pleased at the opportunity to demonstrate God to the people. Almost sounds like he really wanted the man to die on purpose and just waited around before embarking on the journey to “save” him.

How do you save a man who is already dead?

So we are told that Jesus loved this family and that seems to correspond with why he delayed in reaching out to them. Ever reached out to a close friend and found that they are picking up your messages but ignoring you? It hurts doesn’t it? Well maybe they are following Jesus’s example – no kidding. Maybe they are dealing with stuff or just too busy to respond. I digress, sorry.

So Jesus arrived on the scene to crying, blaming, accusatory and good reasoning exchanges from his guests. One of the sisters accuses him for not coming earlier – typical. I probably would do the same. The other sister does something even strange, kneels down in respect but accuses Jesus too. And the response she gets prompts Jesus to ask “where have you laid him?” The answers he gets are “by this time there is a bad odour” or words to that effect I think. I have to go back and check this. I’m not sure he got the exact answer. But next up, Jesus weeps at their pain and grief. He grieves too. To me that makes no sense. He takes so long to arrive, for a death he could have prevented yet weeps at the pain it caused?

God and His ways of thinking, so high above Mine.

Then on arrival at the tomb where the dead body is lain, he prays a prayer of Thanks to God. Thanks? You read right. Thanks. Thanking God in a foregone, concluded situation? Hopeless time? Who does that? Jesus. He had a connection with the Father and knew he was always heard.

You know what that does to me? It causes me to reflect on the many times of doubt, times when there has been delayed answers to prayers. Please let’s not give up. He hears.

So Jesus asks that the bandages or wrappings of the dead man is removed. And says “Lazarus come forth, adding also loose him and let him go!” Not sure of the order now 😊

So the man came back alive and was returned to his loving family. He became a celebrity but this time he was hounded by the political clout of that time who wanted to see him dead so as to end Jesus’s fame. In God’s way of thinking, Lazarus even though dead was not dead. Try and get your head around that one.

So when God says you are healed, you are well, you are loved, let’s just believe. If He said it, He means it – at least in His own language and thinking which may take a while to correspond with ours.

His ways will always be higher than ours.

Reading: John 11

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