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Daddy you are faithful. So faithful. You are SO good… the words in my dictionary are inadequate to express my gratitude. (Sounds like a whole set of repetitive words). Yet I do not know how I could have got here it it wasn’t for You!

Thank you Daddy. You amaze me so much. I’m so thankful that you chose me to be yours. Psalm 139 does justice the turn of events and upheavals of this week.

Favour has come a long way, it’s been a long journey too. Thanks for friends gained and connections made. Thanks for the little things and big things, the insignificant and the seemingly unnecessary! You work it ALL together for good.

Before I go on without explaining…

My cuz had brought to my attention a government opportunity and had asked me to consider applying for it. I did. Well nothing came of it then. Time passed. She then called again a few months after to say opportunities had opened up again but by the time I read her email I had about 48 hours to respond. I debated about this one seeing I had put a lot of time and effort into applying the first time. “Just apply, you never know,” Wumi urged me. I reasoned that it would take less time and a few edits to make it work and I could respond faster. So I did.

We waited.

The lesson here is that doing it hard the first time makes it easier in subsequent times. I think I might have preached this myself. I’m so glad I listened, as within a month or so unlike before, where I had to follow up for responses, an email came to congratulate me on the appointment. I was in shock!

Really? I started searching frantically for my application form to see if there was anything significant I had written. Nothing. I had changed the focus or area of expertise requested on the form.

Before, I had received word that I had not gained enough experience I think? So something had changed in a few months…

I shared the news with Hannah and Molly who were present when I was reading it off the screen. We prayed and thanked God for the incredible opportunity as I listened with wonder to First Lady, the latter, talk about the impact one could have on education for years to come.

God is going to get glory out of this!

Earlier, I attended an inspiration evening hearing girl bosses talk about how they do business. What an incredible opportunity to be part of all this.

So this influential role had required that I accept terms and conditions by signing some documents by a certain date. Believe me, I have been checking my emails back and forth so as not to miss this crucial communication, even set up email alerts for the contact person. Unbeknownst to me they had sent these documents but they happened to be languishing in a deleted folder. As I had asked about twice, for these documents, they had also responded with same frequency, sending the attachments; so it was incredible that I did not spot them, even when I set up their contact emails as priority – VIP!

Over the last few days, I rediscovered the power and pull to speak to God in a secret code – speaking in tongues. If you’ve never done, ask Jesus to give you this gift. It’s beyond this world. The Holy Spirit who speaks, reveals mysteries, prompts you to do things you may have forgotten and tells you of what’s to come!

I am so thankful and blessed to have access to this gift. The Holy Spirit would gently remind me of things to do and I know I was not always obedient yet He would patiently remind me to act. So for the last 15 days or so I have been getting promptings to check for this email but could not understand why I could not find it in spite of all the email alert settings I had scheduled.

After a very “wakeful night” I found myself going through emails around 4am. I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon this email and another reminder -the one I had been waiting for all along.

Shock! How could I have missed this? I chided myself so strongly. Morning could not come fast enough at 9, I was emailing and phoning them to say I would send the signed documents back ASAP. I could not give up now. It was already 15 days past notification date but I managed to get it in even though the phone, internet and circumstances refused to line up.

Relief came when an email reply said they had been in meetings… but it was the next day, today as I write, when I finally got to speak to someone. So after phone calls, voicemails, emails it took another 24 hours to get confirmation of receipt of my forms. Then they added that they were just compiling the final list TODAY!!! Friday. An announcement was planned for Monday.

So what if I had not found those documents in the deleted folder, or responded yesterday? We would have been talking a different story.

What God has ordained for you cannot be snatched away… it may take time or do the rounds but it will still come back home… to you!

Is there anyone out there who is still doubting the existence of God?

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