Coincidence or God-incidence? #Blog #Blogging

Thank you for your grace

I won’t fall on my face!

“That’s no coincidence,” I assured my Greek friend, when the directors of this particular company showed interest in digitising the #bmoney game. This followed a series of encounters over the prior few days, let me explain…

My Grecco friend and I had planned to met for coffee

Tube stops away in London Bridge

Having previously communicated by email

It was important to meet face to face

Anyway the tube did the trick

Though I had considered a miss.

We recognised each other at first

I admit, I was thinking thirst

After waiting up to 10 minutes

Past time arranged for meeting.

Off we went to the coffee shop

That made a cute place for us to stop

To discuss how to make things work

Using digital learning props.

We were spoilt for choice

As we stood face to face

With the service assistant

in the place

The display of cakes and chocolates looked a maze

But we settled for the crumble at our pace.

Spotting a lady struggling with a buggy

I chose to move the trolley

Making room for her and Nan

To get more than a tan.

To our utmost delight

Some kind of surprise

We were seated next to a programmer

Who was initiator for an offer

A few days later

When with this friend

We attended another event

And both had to 3 minute pitches

One after the other in a switch!

I had the opportunity

To meet some people from the “city”

And got to mix football with business

So was invited back to theirs in Chelsea!

Not wanting to miss the action

I asked for a last-minute test-trading table

Which attracted some interest

More this time, from the men

So when I had run out of business cards

The game money came in handy

To the enquirers who wanted contacts for bMoneywize.

It seemed a creative way to share the company details

I think I’ll be doing it again!

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