Lord do something now or else… #blog

“It’s time to give it up!”

These words were screaming at me inside the head. For a moment it seemed a reasonable option given that I had been canvassing the whole town square, walking to and chatting to all the local banks, Wilko, Asda, Tesco, including Carphone warehouse. I was even reminded by one of the banks that they had seen me before and were not going to change their minds. Others out of politeness took details and promised to get back to me – till date I await. It had been about two hours and I was feeling tired, drained, discouraged.

In the heat of an emotional time, I made a phone call to or received one from one of my daughters.

“I’m giving this all up” I announced. She wanted clarification on what exactly I was giving up. I explained that the board game project had taken its toll and I had no more energy to give to push it anymore.

“How can you give it up?” Was the not very understanding reply. “You are the brand”

I am not exactly sure what kind of response I had expected but those words hit me in the heart.

“Where is God in all this?” “Has God given up on this yet?” How can you give it up!? Who will take it from here?

I was feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted by now and anything seemed better than this. Doubts had begun to set in.

So we decided both to pray in “agreement” for an intervention from God. I said “Lord, if you do not do something today, right now, I’m packing it all in!” That was in a sense an ultimatum to God. “Do something now or else…”

Prior to this bold front, I had resigned to the park, to sit on one of those chairs. The tears had been free flowing and I had to hide them from passers by so I would not attract too much attention. The situation at hand seemed dire and impossible or so I thought.

You know it says in Psalm 139 that our days are written in His book when there was yet none of them. I usually take comfort from the fact that everything happens for a reason, it’s just that sometimes the reason is unclear.

Tears dried I get up from the bench and march on towards where? Home? Office? Anywhere… but

I saw someone in a shop after a few doors away from the bench I had been sitting on. I retraced my steps and he called out to me. I came closer and entered the shop and was greeted by a kiss on the cheek. All this was happening too fast. “Here are some investors’” he announced. These men were interested in investing in the town.

Finding my voice, after the whirlwind speed of the encounter, “well would you like to invest in education?” I asked as I presented the board game I was clutching in my right hand.

They wanted to hear more. I told them that it had been piloted and well received so far. And the gentleman who made the introduction Corroborated my story. He told them he had played the game too. The investor asked if he had been a ‘guinea pig’ during the game pilot stage and he agreed. I was presented with a business card and told to send an email. I did.

That was an unusual but very miraculous answer to prayer!

The investors later invited me over to their offices in Canary Wharf. You can see their logo on the top cover of the bMoneywize Game box.

The story is still unfolding…

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