Arguing with God #blog

I remember telling a close friend that I had argued with God (fondly called Daddy), and she was quick to correct me by saying “God does not argue, maybe you need to change your thinking / perception of Him” or words to that effect anyway.

I seem to argue with my Daddy a lot and fall out somewhat when things don’t go my work. Maybe I need to grow up more and by the time you are reading this, I prayerfully would have grown in leaps and bounds!

Anyway, I digress a little.

It was after an argument the night before this morning when I had complained to Daddy that the testings were wearing me out. I understand He wants us to persevere and trust His working and process but I was getting worn out. So I complained. Again. And again. In a dialogue of why this and why that styles. Exhausted at my pleas and reasonings I told Daddy I was going to sleep. Fix it or let me know if it’s not possible, I continued. I am not sure 🤔 if I had any dreams that night or the gray matter refused to connect the dots, but I woke up in a different mindset. The first surprise was a phone call from the First Lady!❤️. This must be good I thought as these were rare for such a busy First class accomplished Entrepreneur like Molly. She was ‘passing thru’ our slang for ‘I’m coming your way and we can travel to the Ripple together’. This time there were no limousines as we had both decided on upping each other’s steps, by doing occasional, unmonitored, unrecorded Long walks. Today was going to be a test case.

I was interrupted by some other events before my morning bathroom routine so was unprepared for the knock at the door. It turned out I had to do a few errands before heading out so the classy lady agreed to accompany me. We talked about angels and Gods funny and mysterious ways both there and back unprepared for what Daddy had planned that morning.

Serendipity seems to be another word for grace occurrences, chance happenings, unusual and mysterious events of extravagant blessings. This was one of them.

Heading back to the Ripple, we happened upon the ‘lady with the finger’. Please don’t ask what that means. 🙊. She is a unique but talkative lady, straight to the point, no beating about the bush type and she did something strange. Took her jumper, pulled it down folded it between her fingers somewhat and began to wipe the tears streaming down my face – only they were not real tears but a reaction to the wind getting in my eyes. She asked why I was crying and I laughed snd responded by saying “it’s because I’m seeing you” it wasn’t quite the truth though and she confronted this matter later. It’s just become easier for me to prevaricate on occasion to change the direction of an already potentially about-to-get long winded conversation.

That was not all for this ‘strange lady’ whom we had not seen in years. We reminisced about the times when we had the twice-weekly women’s workshops and talked a lot.

Anyhow like I said, I like to call her the- lady-with-the-finger. What followed next was a series of discussions about God and His love. His deep love for me. I was reduced to tears as she began to divulge some personal information about my life which she had no other way of knowing?

Did Daddy’s book not say, “Gods ways are past finding out…?”. God can DO and UNDO anything, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Isn’t that why He is God? I can’t help thinking that this encounter was in direct response to my plea and prayer the night before.

In another series of back and forth jokes about passion and its role in conception and childbirth to Molly’s shock, we lamented the ‘silence approach’ to the subject of SEX in the church. And we wonder why marriages are suffering?

I am not sure how to conclude this article except to say, when we pray, He Hears. It may not look or feel like it, but faith is not about feelings but believing.

Believe Him when He says, “call upon me and I will answer.” He Does! So wait for His response.

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