Oh God! Rollercoaster #blog

Daddy God what are you like eh?

It’s been so busy I have not been able to complete a blog post! Why? I was moving in circles, one thing after another…

It all started with a Facebook message requesting a money workshop for 30 young people with ages ranging from 12 to 24. That was quite a task. I was up early in the morning asking Daddy for stratégies to break this group by age. We talked back and forth theni realised He has already gone ahead of me. Travel times sorted I made my way to the Midlands, helped by the very able supporting team.

Humoured at my attempt to switch seats facing in the wrong direction and getting it all mixed up and too embarrassed to re switch for the ticket reservation print, I sat through the train journey reflecting on how when things are ‘perfectly” laid out, I managed to change it to the opposite of what I originally desired.

Sound familiar?

I was glad to share my seat-switching story to an eager audience who were asked to guess the outcomes of my mistake… it was used to teach a lesson. We already have what we need but sometimes we go looking anyway. Maybe because it’s hard to believe we already have it?

Lessons learned. I shared another story of a friend who refused to ask for food and drink on a plane flight because he feared he would have to pay more! He had not realised until the plane was almost landing at destination airport that it was all PAID for! Thankfully he got something to drink at least.

How long do we go through our christian walk believing we have to prove ourselves to God somehow before we think He will answer our prayer?

In my renewed appreciation for Jesus’s finished work I prayed with my young audience asking Daddy to speak to us. He did. More visually to done and verbally to others…

Laying down ground rules and teasing out session expectations, I took one question after another after a round of discussing the meaning of their names. I was enjoying this so much that lunch was like a budding affair with some of the young ladies but it was the young men who wanted budding towards the end of the second session. Did I mention that there were two one hour sessions? Yes one with laying the foundation of who we are in Christ and another playing the bMoneywize Game. It was amusing to hear one of the teens ask to skip the next programme just to play the money game some more. Actually it was rewarding!

Lunch was a simple affair of chatting with the serving assistants and musical chairs without the music. I and the girls wanted to sit and talk about getting into top universities and excelling, not boyfriend and relationship stuff.

It was more fun after lunch with gameplay and enthusiastic bankers, talking and negotiating, decision making as to whether they spend or save.


That over, I had not realised there were more surprises in store. My friend and Cllr Dorothy Akwaboah and I were talking again about me visiting her home grown African food farm / garden combo. I called it Africa-next door.

In what was an almost extraordinary move to end this saga of diary synchronisation, I asked if we could forget about meeting on Thursday/ weekend and try today. Why don’t we meet today I asked!? I was tired from the day before as I had two train journeys but it was worth giving Cllr a go. In what turned out to be a defining moment I felt “led” to do a video. Have you seen anything like this?

Anyway I was so blown away by the beauty of this well manicured melee of herbs, roots, fruit and vegetables farm that I thought the world had to see this! I had not imagined that so many people were thinking the same until the fab EK Show host took an interest too and viewers continue to grow and share the “spontaneous” amateur Video shoot. Oh God. You are too much.

We now have 10,000 views.

And I think 🤔 this is just the beginning for the deliciously overwhelmed Cllr Dorothy, who is also a cake architect. No end to her talents and gifting. We tasted the delicacies, explored flavours beyond culinary belief – all natural and fresh. She even coined this phrase “plot to pot”, a fitting description for her debut book!

Need I say more? If you ever doubted if God was real, get your head around this one.

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