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This feels a little rushed…

I don’t think I have been this aware of how powerful gratitude is!

There are so many different ways God has shown His deep, unfailing love and sense of humour in my life and friends’. (Hope punctuation is good).

Well I had the amazing opportunity to chat to another believer who daily prays to meet someone who needs to meet Jesus. They get visual pictures of the people to talk to and tell them they’ve been waiting to talk to them – wow.

They recounted another story of how this lady needed healing for pain which had refused to go. They prayed in the name of Jesus after their mates urged her to give prayer a go. They were encouraged by the words, “what have you got to lose?”

So the prayer was made to Jesus and in His usual, magnificent, unfailing way, He takes the pain away. Shock. She was able to bend and touch her toes to the shouting, rapturous applause of their friends. My story teller went to explain it was God’s love.

Would God stop at anything to show His Love? Imagine that the bible says, “He did not spare His son, so why would He not willingly give us ALL things!” Now think that it is His pleasure to give us His kingdom – His way of living, good things, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Imagine that!

God, is there anything too hard, or too difficult for you? And I’m so excited that your Word – Jesus, never fails. And it MUST perform your bidding, meaning that it will produce results. So I can rest in the assurance that You Daddy will deliver.

I’m so humbled by many deliverances you have brought about. Bringing one of us from the brink of death, saving me from falling foul of a policy, timely intervening in a family matter, opening up an opportunity that seemed lost, declaring Your love in an impossible situation, upgrading me at the most unexpected occasion.

I think reflecting on my human failings and frailty, I am humbled that God would choose me to proclaim / share his love in interesting or unique ways.

I am available and totally surrendered and expectant so you can do battles, exploits in Your name. I’m after all ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ to measure and give you pleasure.

Thank you so much for your sense of humour and ways of working things out for me. I am so thankful.

Thank you SO much Daddy for the weather, though hot it is,

for the water so clean and free

the two feet that can walk

the ability to talk

the hands that write words that creates forms of expression.

It can be hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes

But God, I know you are able to decipher which is wood and show me truly.

How do you do these things that you do, Daddy? Sometimes, I think you are playing dangerously, with ‘my life’; but whose life is it anyway? It’s Your name and glory that’s at stake. Not Mine. You can have it all, all the fame, all the same.

Give me more, understanding of who You are, Jesus. It was only always about You, anyway.

“Move over, let me be God!”

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