Love at First Byte

Here’e my next book for release on #Amazon & #Kindle:


My first novel addresses the issue of #childabuse and freedom from in a delicate twist. #loveatfirstbyte will be available soon on #amazon #kindle.

A child is hardly ever asked for permission before they get touched in all the wrong parts and places.

This is a fictional story centred around the life of an innocent brown-coloured girl growing up in an African family, who was discovered without permission. Cici learned from a young age to trade her body for what she wanted so desperately – love! Love enters her life in a most strange and mysterious way after she gave herself permission to be discovered.

Cici is a girl just like any other born into some family but she has a tough time navigating through life to discover her true worth.

Love at First Byte is a must-read for anyone who has or who knows girls searching for their true worth, identity and value in a more permissive world! Cici would have been a heroine of the #metoo movement if she spoke up in her time, maybe?

Hello InspireUsWA, #InspireUs #worldreader Inspire Us – West Africa and Worldreader

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