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Web Design

With years of experience and a eye for details and colour themes, we can help you create a ‘good looking’ website to suit your needs and specification.

Product development

After our success with developing a globally recognized and award nominee educational maths and financial skills board game, we can show a thing or two from concept initiation to product design, manufacture and sales, with our established contacts


Join my mentoring programme if you are committed to and serious about achieving your personal goals and I will help you achieve them. You  must be ready to work hard!

Speaking engagements

I enjoy and relish the opportunity to encourage others to be who they were to be and to live life on purpose! Call me if you need help with motivation for you and others.

Book Writing and Self Publishing

I have relished the opportunity to create and self-published a book on Amazon and  can show you how.

Book Now with bMoneywize

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