God is in my bad books right now!

My friend F and I (A) had this conversation about God which I feel compelled to share….

F: Hello my dear, thank you for your message. As yet i have not found anywhere suitable. If you need to cancel its fine. Im thinking about cancelling. I got a full time job and will be moving back north so we can catch up another time if that works better? X

A: 😮 I don’t really want to cancel as birthdays cannot be shifted.

Will you be showcasing at the cookery show?

F: Hello my dear. Well! I part paid to attend but i need to find £1.5K to pay for props – so things are a little tight money wise until the end of the month. So, im not too bothered about postponing it.

A: Oh dear. Really sorry to hear that.

Maybe God can do something?

What other dates do you have? I’ll be happy to plan towards it.

F: God is in my bad books right now. We have fallen out.

A: We did too. But what has He done now?

F: He’s sending me back into the sky – hes given me a full time job after spending ten years working on my business. And! Before you say it – I can’t do both cooking and trading.

A: Just called you. I’m on the tube and have signal for a few stops

F: Dont worry

I have no signal at my location

A: Cooking and Trading?

F: Not funny

A: You are Trading? Sounds fun

I know

F: No its not

A: Maybe He has a plan

F: Yes, i start my course on next season

A:You say he sent you to work. How did that happen?

We need to talk!!!!?

Where are you tomorrow?

F: Well i have NO money and im so tired of being in this situation. I hate it

Im in church in the morming – in the south

A: I hate that too! I live by faith too

Oh? That’s far from me.

When can we talk if we don’t meet?

F: Me too! For ten years but im tired. I feel im loosinv my hope and i just dont have energy to do another ten years like this.

A: I get it.

But… I know

A: It’s really not about us

F: I often think about you

It’s about Him – our life

F: I know you understand

Me too

A: I go through hell after hell.

It looks glossy but….

F: I am with you.

A: God comes through in Small packages.


My daughter sent me money to buy groceries once

F: Oh man! Its just tough!

A: It’s humbling. Once a friend gave me food package from a food bank!

You know… I keep applying for jobs but I’m not getting anywhere so you know what… I soldier on

I think I had to choose to give up trying to understand…

F: I am fast running out of patiance. Other stuff happening too – to add to the mix.

Food bank! Oh man. You have more faith and determination than i do.

A: And deciding to let go

Not really.

F: Good plan. Let go and let God.

A: Just tired of fighting God

Hmmm. Can be hard too


F: Indeed

A: Yes!

He’s the reason for everything

A: Hate to preach but I have to stand on His word and promise.

F: Yes

I know!

A: The government and social will change policies at the drop of a hat🎩

But God does not!

A: Sometimes I am so mad 😠 I say God I don’t want to talk to you right now. Good night.

F: Me too

F: Right now i feel he is just playing games with me.

A: But a voice in the head says, what if you don’t wake up?

A: He does too. I think. He loves us too

F: Its not my idea of what love is.

F: But then what do i know about love

A: I understand but…

But God is love (don’t want to preach)

He is 💕

I was going to Blog today about my imperfect life….

This conversation puts things in perspective.

I’m loving this chat.

We are going underground 🚇 soon

Darling he loves you.

F: Ok. Lovely to chat with you

Would you say it over and over for me.

Let’s sing Jesus loves me this I know…

F: Ill try and call you tomrw after morning church

F: Look forward to it!

A: I’ll be serving till 4


Let’s keep playing worship music 🎵

Let’s keep playing worship music 🎵

F: Ok. Yes! Worship music is on 24 x 7 – still nothing changes. (Yes im grateful for my salvation, for my eyes, for my ears, for my health, yes, im grateful for my home, for ppl in my life etc. Etc. Etc. )

Ill be having a spot of lunch with my cousins – so will try and call after 4pm. X

A: Let’s keep speaking positive- what we want to see

It’s does not help to state the obvious. 😢 let’s keep speaking the word.

It is written…..that

F: I’ll expect your call after 4! It will be good to hear your voice again

A: Surrender works

F: 👍🏾

A: Yes 😇🙏🏿

I’ll blog this conversation please. Hope you don’t mind. No names.

It might help someone

The battle is the Lords!

He loves you so much. He reminded me to text you about your birthday. Out of the blue!

God has a sense of humour I think? Lol

F: 🙏🏿🤪

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