God, what game are you playing at? #blog #blogging

I am thankful so grateful for God whom I most fondly call, Daddy.

He has been SO good to me, so faithful and beyond articulation in kindness. I could not even begin to think how far I would get in life if I didn’t have him.

Did you ever stop to think that there was a supernatural, higher being who had knowledge, wisdom, control and final mandate over the events in the world? I appreciate that in some instances people may think that He is weak, unable to stop events from happening etc. The fact is that some of these events, as dire as they seem actually prompt people to seek Him. In some instances, people consult mediums, attend seances, seek “mystic meg” types, Follow astrological readings and signs but yet refuse to acknowledge God, or his existence! There is I believe a God-shaped vacuum in every human being seeking Him but gets filled with position, fame, drink, sex, lust for all sorts that bring more emptiness.

It seems that the more we acquire, the more we want…an endless cycle of frustration. The other thing I marvel at is timing! Can you believe that despite the dictates of experts, consultants some things will not happen when we will it but at His timing, giving him super authority over everything. I am so glad I belong to him.

I urge you to consider reading, even for leisure, the book of Job. I think Daddy was playing with Job’s life.

Imagine two powers having a discussion about a show of strength and picking on an unsuspecting “guinea pig” – Job. To my mind, there was a highly charged and agenda laden discussion taking place when an uninvited identity “gate crashed” coming to the attention of the chair.

“Where have you come from?” the devil was asked? “I have come from going to and fro” in all the Earth,” he shares. And then carries on to “complain” about a man called Job who was flourishing, rich, well and healthy. As if deadly jealous, the latter continued, “have you not blessed him and surrounded him with a hedge, so that I can’t touch him?” He was so angry that he could not harm Job.

Strangely Daddy takes on the challenge of mr devil and urges him to go and trouble Job. Did He? Yes He did. Imagine? A conversation that we as humans are not privy to, takes place, decisions are made, that we are not consulted on and bang! Everything changes. Suddenly a man who has “everything” wealth, family, servants, perfect health becomes the opposite- smelly, offensive, poor, bereaved and destitute.

How did God allow this?

In Daddy’s divine wisdom, he “permits” this. But I dare say, it is recorded that Job also said, “the things I greatly feared has happened?”

So is it possible then that our fears actually permit bad things to happen to us? Is it maybe best and advisable to think good thoughts and expect good things then? If we fill our minds with good things, maybe we will get more of these. And maybe if we talked more positive, more of this will actually happen.

Well Job suffered more anguish to the point that his skin had boils, children all died and his wife mocked, friends sat with him for seven days in silence! Because of his suffering. They individually offered reasons for his suffering, somewhat presenting the reasoning that they were not in a similar situation because they were better and lived right. It must have been extreme torture…

I look back on my life, review the events which I think are tantamount to suffering then realise they are nothing compared to Job’s! The constant insults, jeering, criticising from his closest friend – wife may have caused him to feel suicidal but no, he cautioned her to consider that they accept both good and bad from God – what ultimate belief. He even said “I know that my redeemer lives and will stand…. even though he may be skin and bones…” Job was expecting God to deliver him from all his troubles.

How many times when we are going through troubles do we show God we trust Him by declaring same? I dread to think of the many times I have cried, moaned, complained, threatened, shouted at Him for not getting things right. I seem to forget that He reigns, in complete and final control over everything, in charge of all seasons of our lives…Amen.

Job chose to believe in Him and when He changed his utterances things began to shift. God actually spoke to him asking if he Job was consulted prior to the creation of the Earth, boundaries of the sea and land and many more…

Job decided to forgive had pray for his friends, release them from their harsh judgements and bless them. What did God do?

He blessed Job with twice what he had lost, including giving him the most beautiful children on earth at that time.

So maybe we should think twice before judging another person’s season? And perhaps offer understanding, comfort and encouragement more.

Time for me to seek the God-picture-perspective on life events?

As God says, “I declare the end from the beginning!”

Reading: Job, Psalm 139

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