Psalm 139 #blog

My own take on this popular poem.

Daddy take a long, deep and hard look at my life, do a thorough review. I am easy to read, what you see is what you get; even on social media you know my intentions.

You know when I will decide to go and when I have planned to come back, how could I think my plans are hidden from you? Its scary to think that before I even think of speaking you know what I am going to say already! Imagine trying to hide from you when you are before, behind, above and around me.

How can anyone get their head around that? You are with me in such loving and graceful ways. This is too much for my head to comprehend.

Your Spirit is everywhere so hiding from you would be pointless. It is futile trying to hide in the air, up in space, among the Milky Way, galaxies or under the sea, in unknown places; because You will be there waiting to love and guide me back home to You. This is love too much to grasp

Is there any point in switching on the light, when dark and bright are both the same to you?

You actually put me together in my mum’s tummy and exquisitely designed me to perfection. Who can argue with that?

So you intricately crafted every piece of my body whilst I was inside. My pouting smaller lips, my now browning teeth, thick curly hair with greying locks, eyes brown and clear are known to you. So you also matched my top and bum together.

Did you see the proportion between my chest and behind? You liked that then too. Have you seen the legs and wide feet that have had me searching for fitting shoes endlessly?

Anyhow, you knew all this already because you wrote them in your book about me. What book is this then Daddy? Can I take a look please?

What did you say about the beautiful Kids you blessed me with? The challenging times we would go through together, times of doubt that would confound, my hope in You?

You know what, I love Your sense of humour best. The way You work behind the scenes to get me into ‘restricted’ zones, confounding policy and law makers.

I am so uniquely shaped, personality-appropriate for my life and road journeys, even my children think I am fun (and child-like) to be with. How did you craft me so differently from others!? I still wonder how You manage to separate each one of us, by finger printing, iris, DNA the lot.

How can people say You do not exist? That is so beyond me Daddy. Maybe we can both help their eyes to see Your divine beauty, creativity and deep passionate love.

I love you Daddy. Thanks for choosing me at a time and season like this. Let’s do this walk more. You know the times when I’m so desperate to hear from you – make it easy to catch your drift and ‘speech’ 😊

I am so hungry and thirsty for more of You. Life itself is nothing without Your touch or breath or say so. How priceless.

You are still an enigma. Can anyone know your heart or thoughts, or box you into a corner? If you are so deep and unfathomable, how out-of-this-world, Your thoughts about me must be! You see, the way I think 🤔 is so unlike Yours because You do everything with the end goal in mind and even declare the end from the start. Your ways of thinking must surely differ from mine. You are SO extravagant at giving love. Actually, You are Love. Help me see this please.

Let me think like You!

When I wake up, let Your breath revive me, let Your face be the first I see, Your smile be the warmth in me. Your approval and say so trumps all. Let me think of you in every waking moment. Please keep my focus and thoughts on You through the day so I reflect your ways of love to a world that so desperately needs to hear and feel You.

We don’t always know it, but we are aching for You, so stop the bad stuff, the gun and knife crimes, many hidden injustices, expose them. Compensate those who have been wronged, reward those who suffer. I’m happy to be your mouth piece, for justice, fairness and hope for all. Send the help and resources to make it work.

Perform your observations and testing to get a clear view of who I am. Expose the bad and clean it out. Make me clean and worthy of Your presence.

Then lead me in Your ways for life- forever!

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