A few crazy days with late nights at the office meant I was getting a little tired and needed a good night’s rest. I simply said ‘Lord you need to wake me up in time for the Schools session tomorrow”

You see I have come to depend on Him for everything including being my alarm clock. I like it that way. He knows the exact time to wake me up.

My life has become so much more exciting with dreams and I generally need to wake up around 3 to 4am most days to write down the secrets and instructions from Heaven. It’s how I get ideas for design, work, meetings and creative products. God talks to me in my dreams, sometimes they are like pictures on a cinema screen. I love life that way because some of my day’s events are played out before me.

Early waking and late night working was taking its toll on me so so I had to lean on Daddy’s help yet again. I always need His help and since I no longer use an alarm clock, which shatters my dream recollection, it’s up to Daddy that I wake up in time. Sometimes I’ll be woken up by a phone call. 😁

Well today I was woken a little later than 3am, but in time, to get ready for the school event. In between Facebook notifications, phone call from the First Lady and other distractions, I was not quite ready when the limo pulled up to pick me.

I had to jump out the shower, grab a pair of grey tights, an off-white shirt and pinafore grey dress to match the tights. Oh dear! Shoe was black shiny patent leather not that anyone would notice. I had to sprint up stairs, (the day’s exercise drill) as I had forgotten my soft magic brush. It had to be thrown in for good measure, into my work case too as I did not get a chance for the circular moving action that got my short natural greying hair to curl!

Armed with work trolley or case, my phone (yes my phone), it’s charger, (as my iphone has also been hit by the latest Apple scandal about weakening batteries on old phones and constantly needs recharging) I ran in to the front passenger seat.

I looked a little less a mess as I entered the limo, muffled a prayer to the amusement of my friendly company and chauffeur, who joined me in asking God – daddy to as usual, make it a fun humourous day. He did.

Well, in between the shocked look on first lady’s face as I wore tights half way in the car and hopped out into office building to pull it up higher to my waist, (confessing that I had borrowed one of my daughters tights,) and retrieving the work case from the ‘Merc’, we discovered that I had left my coat at home.

“Ah! Thank God I have a spare coat on the coat rack, ” my somewhat relieved chauffeured assured me. So it’s another mad dash up the stairs for me, or up the lift to get to location on grab the Teal Green oversized coat. Did you see me running and pulling a larger-than-laptop size suitcase? Never mind.

“Were you going to go out in the cold without a coat?” asked First Lady. Actually I think I would have.

Finally I was on my way to the tube station to catch the train into London. Praying I would catch the next one that would stop in West Ham not go all the way to London, I settled for a nearer platform and a 2 minute later arrival train. Thanks Daddy because I had just let the tube go, in Favour of an overground train that had just pulled in.

Determined to make this workshop on time, I squeezed into a space close to door on the train side, that opened at the West Ham with my oversized coat and work case that looked more like a luggage pack.

I’m not sure if you saw we sprinting down the stairs and up the escalator with the coat flapping from side to side and phew! I caught the next westbound train on the Jubilee platform. I was finally on my way, and I think I would make it. Another phone call, to Stately lady before going well into the underground prepared me for the bumpy ride as the Jubilee line made its round to my next interchange station in Waterloo where the day before I had made rounds back and forth trying to find Starbucks for the meeting with Angela.

Oh well, I toyed with the idea of going to the black line – Northern one, thinking that it would get me to the South faster it was the wrong platform and line for my connection. So hurriedly brushing past oncoming passengers in the opposite direction, I made my way to the Bakerloo line to catch the oncoming – just arriving tube to the South. “Thank you daddy!” I whispered as I sat down.


Daddy I need to arrive in the school on time, please carry me on eagles 🦅 wings,” I prayed again. He did not disappoint as even with exiting at the wrong gate, opposite end of the roundabout and crossing in between pedestrian signals, I run- walk to the school whilst praying I was on the right school road. A quick glance at a shop sign confirmed my correct route and I walked into school gate 5 minutes before my session to be greeted by a pleased and waiting Miss T.


She had prepared my visitor pass, so after introducing me to another nice lady, we went upstairs to run this maths session with the year 7s. They were adorable. And were so talkative, Miss T kept saying she had Never seen a game that could get the Children talking and distract them away from digital gadgets.

A win all round I say. Thanks so much Daddy.

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