All in a morning…

“It’s my birthday” says the honourable lady. “Let’s have breakfast at the inn” I was so excited. It’s easier to get-up-and-go now, because the children are older and more independent. Did I say that I’m a single mum to 3 young adults, 18, 20 and 21? I’ll leave it with you to work out myContinue reading “All in a morning…”

Love at First Byte – the #book #blogging

“Mum, Mum! Chantelle was frantic with excitement as she shook me to rouse me out of sleep. “Can we go and meet Jesus with NanaG please?” I should have expected this to happen sometime soon, I think. I could smell the delicious air of baking coming from the kitchen and it got stronger as the door opened wider to reveal another excited Jordan who was neatly dressed in a slightly-oversized white shirt and wine coloured big and seam adjusted corduroy trousers. They were also folded at the ankles at that did not seem to matter to these children. Thank you was not enough to say to Gracie who was walking towards me with a plate in hand. She handed me the most mouth-watering pancakes I had had in a long time. “Ah” you didn’t have to, I said politely.