Making hay in the rain

It’s was just another morning!

You appreciate by now that I refer to God as my daddy and He’s my best friend. Without getting into too much debate about his gender in a world where this issue evokes a variety of emotions for both sides, let me tell you more about Him.

Well, I refer to God as He, for simplicity and I like the way he’s called Father. I tell Him everything, when I’m not pretending about my feelings. He has often been bombarded with my own understanding of how the world and my life should run. After all He invites us to argue, when in his word – bible, he says to “bring forth your strong reasoning and argue your case” before Him. What a loving God. I like the fact he puts up with accusations and blames of all sorts from his creation – man. Yet he remains Love. God is love.

After a look at the daily passage for my journal, I asked Daddy for a fun day. Oh! Before that we had a chat about me not remembering the dreams I had the night before, which usually happens after a phone call wakes me up early.

It was an international phone call that interrupted my conversation with Daddy. At times, I ignore all calls but opening one eye I could see it was a different location. The call was from an international number so I answered it. Sometimes I find that this is a gross mistake because it sets in motion an array of events that shape the day differently!

Anyway the chat went on for a while and I realised again, that we all crave for the same thing – a listening ear.

I did not really get back to that stillness that I so much crave for. It will now have to be one of those days when I mutter His word and say, thank you for your grace, help me Daddy etc.

Bathroom rituals done. I had to put on tights. Thank God for this neat invention with the ability to keep me warm but I prefer the footless ones! It seems the lingerie sections in the shops have been hiding them from me. Anyway, I lie on my back, throw my feet up in the air, bend the knees, put the socks on my feet, one by one, pull the beautiful nylon mesh down towards the upper part of the body to get into this contraption. Please don’t try this at home.😲

Next it’s a phone call from First Lady to say, “shall I pass through?” What that means is, do you want a lift into the office base? We generally share jokes about

how a limousine will come to pick us up to our intending destinations, so this is one way of practising for the real thing. And it actually happened once in a cool way.

We were invited to a local meeting with an influential leader. During thephone conversation, I asked if they would send a limousine to pick me and my friends. They agreed. We actually got picked up and after the event, got dropped off at home by a man who came to kneel down to announce, “your chariot awaits”. How delightful. It was done so gallantly. Be careful what you ask for, you might actually get it.

Back to today, we rode in the limo, First Lady and I. Arriving to laughter and boisterous hellos at the office is not a new thing. I usually have to stop at the Reception desk to say hello to the Volunteer team handling the phone calls and messages. I find that if I walk past in a rush to the lifts, they would ask me back to share my morning with them. Anything to spread a bit of joy and love – is a good thing.

When I ask Daddy for a fun day, He goes beyond my expectations, always.

First Lady and I decide to hold a live cast. We start the video app running, not realising they are hearing our exchange about refreshing our makeup, topping up the perfume and arranging our hair. Make up and hair arranging would make sense, but the perfume? Humour again. Maybe one day technology will pick up perfume fragrances?

We live-cast our discussion about not knowing what to talk about before we realised we had an audience. Too late to stop now. So we carried on our limo conversation about how to handle complaints at God.

Rapturous applause in Facebook language translates to flowing and flying heart 💓 shapes across the screen. We were greeted with many of these. And it felt like a reward for another morning as we delved into the importance of maintaining a positive attitude when things don’t go to plan.

I’m writing on my phone now as I sit and wait for a connecting train even when the display board says there’s been a delay. I’d hate to break the flow by going up to find alternative travel routes now.

I’m making hay in the rain.


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