Daddy thank you!

You never cease to amaze me

I want to be closer to you!

Keep me in the fold of your arms

Never far from your heart.


It’s been an amazing end

To an exciting week

Travelling to a city

That before, I had not been



Thanks for brining to my life

So many other people, bright

Loving life and making waves

To help others do the same.



It’s been so humbling for me

To be experiencing all these

Especially when a young lady

Gives up her seat up for me.



We were driven in a cart

And I had a small part

Of seeing it all first hand

What it’s like to steal the art.



Thank you for food at Liverpool

The scrambled egg was made to order

The garnishing second to none

The waiter delivered it well done.



I wonder what else

You got up your sleeve

As you continue to deliver

Your promises forever



Thank you so much

For your special touch

Even now I’m amazed

At what’s accomplished


Thank you Daddy

Let this praise

Always be on my lips

As you tackle with ease

All the frightful things

That had held me in ‘freeze’

You are SO easy to please!


Copyright ©Arinolaa 2018

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