Waiting in the wings…

Thursday mail

I would never have envisaged what happened this half term and will probably never forget the life changing outcome of that email.

It was a long half term week and so many things still had to happen to place bMoneywize in the eyes and minds of the right audience.

The Christmas BBC documentary on financial education resources for young People had created a buzz on the Internet with heavy website traffic but had not quite hit the spot.

Still very shy and reluctant about appearing in videos on the internet, I agreed to participate in an ‘expose’ type of interview to talk about my previous relationship and how I came to attain the title of ‘single mum’ single parent. My big sister, Stately Lady had been running a series of successful shows highlighting real issues that people face and wanted some volunteers to talk on the subject – DV. I needed little time to think about this before saying yes because I had a dream where I saw this was going to happen.

Another neat reminder that my life is not about me!

So it was time to bare it all for the sake of hearers or viewers who’d it needed to know that there was hope on the other side of a troubled life or situation. For context, take a look at this: https://www.facebook.com/ekkanemr/videos/1604364429642730/

Life continued with the team and I putting in the hours with marketing, promoting, planning and forecasting. I’m so blessed to have support from the @PWC, Dentons, St James’s wealth, Canary Wharf Group and others. It feels good to have a family of people giving their time to this mission.

Another international phone call from a friend had me in tears and I said softly, to God, “Daddy, I’m so tired…please do something?”

All these events could never have prepared me for what happened next! After a rescheduled interview to meet another Financial education guru, it was time to question our pricing strategy and improve our social media presence or so, my adviser invited me to consider. Trying hard not to show my disappointment at some of the comments made during the chat, I was ready to learn from the best. They shared their inspiring journey of a business that started in their bedroom. I made notes and thanked them for their time and purchase of the bmoneywize Game and their gift and was on my way back to the office.

God and His sense of humour came into play when, somehow the lift in their building had a mind of its own, as it kept taking me upstairs instead of downstairs. Maybe that was a sign of what was to come! I was going higher…

Finally arriving downstairs, ground floor I requested directions to the next tube station when I noticed there were email notifications. In today’s world, these pop ups are somewhat hard to ignore, so I decided to check my emails before facing the cold outside. An unusual one claimed that I was invited to the ITV news set to talk about my passion; teaching children money-skills, in an increasingly cashless era. This is a hoax or joke I thought. Ignoring it for a few minutes, I made some phone calls and texts, but my mind kept going back to this email. I skim read it again and decided to ascertain it’s validity by asking for a time and date for this interview. A reply came soon after to confirm it was taking place, next day, in a few hours. Wow!

It was time to believe…

Boarding the train back to the office, I communicated my availability at the next signal-permitting station. And things just steamrolled from there…

A few email and one phone call to Shola Alabi, later, we had organised a young mentee who had been playing the game to accompany me to the TV studios with her parents’ support. See excerpts of the TV story here:


And you know the rest…

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