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I am fearfully and wonderfully made says Daddy’s book – the bible. I am creatively and expertly designed to my Daddy’s specifications.

An earlier blog details my humorous account of how intricately designed my Daddy made me. Take a look at my earlier blog: https://wp.me/p12xC0-pp

Why then is it that people seek to change, belittle, humiliate others without a moment’s thought about how unique they also are?

So whether you are classed as sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic or melancholic; or even a mix or hybrid of these; or fall into some other groupings, created by a researcher-type “man”  Why should another human decide what the right temperament, nature, compositions are? 😂

It’s becoming so tiring to hear people say, “you should be like this” and like that, in one breath, and then ask for support to solve a problem they think you are best placed to help with?

Why do we need to track people’s ethnicity or origin anyway?

I like the story of Duchess of Sussex, Meghan. As a uniquely coloured, described as “biracial” young lady (because the world seems to have stipulated or categorised the race groups), was completing an identify form with boxes beside different prescribed ethnic categories. It seemed a chore to find the right box to tick. There were white and black boxes but none for a mix of both. It was difficult to choose one so she asked her dad for advice, after her teacher had suggested she tick one which made her feel uncomfortable.

Daddy said “draw your own box”

I enjoy having conversation about people’s talents, gifting, skills and uniqueness. No two people are alike. And imagine that in a planet of about 7 billion people, there are that many types of talent types.

I think we are going to run out of boxes to choose from, when it comes to origin and ethnicity?? Very soon. 😂😂

Maybe we can just accept people as they are and find other useful indicators to measure?

Photo credit: Goalcast

So when the world and environment tries to confine you, dictate to you who you should be, how you should act, it is so good to remember that we are all SO uniquely designed, custom-built for purpose.

Whose purpose?


He is the master architect and designer.

So I don’t really know how to be somebody else.

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