A bend in the road…

It was just a bend in the road.

“What game are you playing at Daddy?” I asked confused about events.

Thanks Daddy, as if I needed reminding about the meeting in the school today, in form of a phone call around 7am.

It was so good to get a confirmation phone call for the meeting. I am so grateful. It’s not the meet up I had expected and it would be impacting upon an opportunity I have waited a whole year to be part of.

“Today I ask you Daddy, to make a way where there’s no way. Whether or not you answer in my way, I’ll be trusting.” I prayed under my breath.

I will make it good. I am getting up to better. I am expecting you to make a way for me to get to the City. A slight detour means I will need to make a pit stop at the school.

How will I get there daddy? In my human and physical terms there’s no way to do that. The bank account is telling another story.

So that settled, it appears I will be forgoing the bus to take the Legg. It has taken me a few places before, helping me do over 6 miles in a day to and back from home to the office. I think today just happens to be an addition to the Legg stretches. 😯

I navigate my way through the shopping centre and down the stairs to the road that will lead me to the rest… of what? To the rest of today’s first appointment.

Ah the game! It’s been in development for about 8 months with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing of info but now, it seems we are finally getting somewhere. “Daddy you promised you would open a door no man can shut. I have tried to keep this quiet and hope it stays that way till.. we have a story to tell.”

Anyway I’m careering up and and down flights of stairs connecting two parallel roads flanked by new build housing estates on either side. It looks like I’m on the right track I think, as I emanate from another side road beside a park leading to somewhere that looked familiar.

Then it’s a truck that gets in front of me as I try to cross a side road. He apologises profusely with a wining smile and hand-raising gesture, a sight I think most drivers can relate with-driver language maybe. I think it means sorry. I acknowledge his gesture and cross behind the delivery truck to make it to the opposite side of the road. That done, I’m still pulling the small worn, road case which contains the story of my life, my game, and some personal effects. Tears are steaming down my face once again as I struggle to make sense of what could have been an easy miracle for God to fix but he doesn’t. Oh well…

The songs and verses of the bible are running through my head and forming words on my lips and are like my breath. “You lay a table before me in the presence of my enemies,” I keep reciting. And other words of scripture keep coming to my mind.

4 buses have driven past me headed in the same direction I was going and I view them through my cloudy eyes as they have been watery from my ordeal and conversation with God- Daddy. Anyway, I settle and agree He knows best.

I understand now more than ever that this whole project is an assignment.

I’m a little panicked but I’m resting on the power of His Word…

We finally met the mentor / teacher and team to discuss new game approach in a meeting that ‘could not wait!’ I’m glad the conversation took place as it established the role of the school in the support of enhancing the community’s youth education. So inspiring.

I forgot to mention that I was treated to lunch and it was a struggle to finish my apple crumble as my tummy was protesting and I was yet to make my way to a city meeting.

What I didn’t know was that Daddy was working behind the scenes to find a solution to my travel to London. Expected monies had not come through so it would take a miracle to get funds for my next city journey. Well Daddy changed the narrative shortly after, when a miracle text message confirmed that there were some funds added to my account – God!!! He came through again. Thanks Daddy 😍 This time there were tears of joy.

It started to rain as I left the college and I took that as a sign of Daddy’s blessing. A private number calls to invite me to another potentially life-altering meeting on the morrow – exciting.

When the Word in Psalm 139 says that “our days are written in the book when there was yet none of them,” it’s so true. I have to trust that surrendering my life to God means that I live in tandem with His will and purpose.

My journey to City was so orchestrated by Daddy that I made it ‘under the wire’ and Daddy started directing traffic to our game stand. Finally the lovely princess joined the display to take questions from clients, business owners and more.

What a day of God’s faithfulness yet again.

Thank you Daddy and to your glory the next coming days are in your hand. You have already won the victory!

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