It only takes a moment #blog

I think it’s clear to me.
That solitude calls the more
To help me walk closely to you
So that I remain in tune
With your heartbeat
So I don’t miss a thing.
It only takes a moment
And all those fears encroaching
Melt in the presence
Of your love so all encompassing
Keep me in the flow
So that I can grow
To new heights of understanding
That your love is the main thing.
I need not hunger for anything else
Other than your love and the rest
Hold me within the grasp
Of your wide reaching arms.
Rock me back and forth
You have a plan
Far bigger than me
Help me to see
Where I fit in it.
Whenever I am running
And my heart is yearning
Lead me back to the rock
To love so secure
Help me to stand
On the strength of your word
Unfailing and so sure
Of the wonders of your love
I will not be put to shame
My trust is in your name
You are in complete control
And know how things roll
It looks so impossible
Things are out of tune
But you promised to make
A way for me to take.
Thanks for hearing
And turning situations around
You are God alone
And there’s no one like you
Able to change seasons
Your word will never change
Even when the mountains move and storms rage
You only can make a way
Where there is no hope

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