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“You have been so so good to me

Oh to think where I would be

If not for you.”

©Hillsong United

Daddy it’s been like a roller coaster these past few days in such an exciting way. I almost felt like my feet were not touching the ground.

This #Hillsong number articulates almost accurately how I have been feeling.

It’s been so humbling and rewarding to get award nominations through the emails, one after the other this past week. Wow!

Thank you Daddy. I always want to say thank you. Please keep me thanking you.

I have been amazed at the opportunities that have presented themselves over the past few days. They overshadowed the ones that did not work so well.

Missing out on an important meeting was so painful and I have beat myself up enough, in time to remember that ALL is working out for good…

Thank you so much for helping me change my outlook on that one.

I’m so grateful for friendships that have propped me up in difficult seasons and want to be a friend to people who really need one. Help me to be sensitive enough to see and care.

Thank you so much for that extraordinary request to do another project that talks about You and why we care the way we do, about people. Only You could have originated that. It comes with blessings, friendships, laughter and food, the latter always a binding and good thing.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to sit next to an incredibly humble and delectable man at the party.

It was a few doors away from the Nigeria House which I took time to go round before heading off to the main event. Arriving at the venue, I was confronted with security devices to use the bathroom by activating the right floor lift button with it. It took some getting used to and I had to enter and exit the lift on same floor and change carriages until I fell into a company of ladies going same way and using their own device. Oh! I had held the security card the wrong way and it had blinked red instead of green! Anyway I had to freshen up my make up and adjust the ‘under’ bits -enough info. Or just to say, the ‘spandex’ addition was working a treat on my tummy / stomach outlook in my dinner wear. All good. I exit the bathroom with a lady who came on a retreat and spoke with a ‘posh’ accent. The ‘plum in the mouth’ type. I was so excited at the word retreat but she quickly in an almost reprimanding Fashion suggested, “it’s not what you think!” Oh well I added “it must be good to get away”.

Later I shared sweets with a lady visiting from Kenya 🇰🇪 on a business trip; until her colleague puller her away for ‘pub crawling’

It was time for the main event now and the doors were thrown open. I struggled with what to put away in the closet as I had brought the bMoneywize Game with me. Agreeing on the spur of the moment to part with my ‘far from posh’ jacket I gave the garment to the desk lady and walked down the stairs to the basements for pre 🍷. Oops! I stumbled on my dress 👗. How did that happen? It’s never before been an issue to walk on a 2 inch heel (my daughters would laugh at the word heel for a 2inch height) shoe. Maybe I have lost some weight after all and that’s why the dress might have needed pulling up to reduce the low neck?

Too late for that. I pulled up my dress as the gentleman at the foot of the stairs, called out, “careful”. I was going to have to, to avoid a catastrophe.

I entered an all ready filled room and confused that Proseco was mainly the drink on offer, I confessed that I was a child and asked for orange juice. There was no juice but out of pity or understanding, they got me some elderflower drink, more like sugar added to water 😢

I made my way to a high rounded table to talk with a gentleman for about 20 minutes! We debated on education, politics, religion, relationships and almost everything else you could touch on at a party. I think we must have scared other people off going by the stares around the room and the fact that no one joined us. Anyhow he went from flushed to red, laughter and back as we conversed. In the end we had not even asked for each other’s name and in a rush shared these before we were asked to come up to the main event’s stylish and

beautifully decorated room.

Table 8 was thankfully near the front of the hall, close to the main action and Moira’s generosity and planning. Phew. Thanks Daddy.

I was so touched to find the gentleman greeting me with my name. They later sat on either side of me.

He was so funny and easy to talk to. And in contrast to almost all the men in the house, wore what I first thought were kilts until I saw they were longer – tartan trousers. How amazing.

I asked to borrow their glasses to read the business card after learning from them, a valuable Japanese lesson. Always read a card that’s given to you before you put it away. Sadly I had to give the specs back soon as prescription did not match. Lesson learned I spent quite some time asking more questions about business ethics. I asked for help with the cutlery setting claiming that I felt like ‘pretty woman’ who needed to know which fork to use for which meal. Thankfully my comments generated laughter.

On the other side was another kind man who gave me the awesome opportunity to go round the tables to present award certificates to the organisations who had worked so hard and got the votes. What an honour.

It’s not over yet as God just continues to over do His love and blessings toward me.

Thanks Daddy it was so good to catch up with Your Royal Highness 👸🏽

It’s all happening so Suddenly!

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