Love at First Byte is #3!


It’s a story of redemption following child abuse.

Here’s an excerpt:


“So, there was a study room which held a bookcase and library of books some of which were hardback and had changing brown to white coloured pages. There were two windows which streamed sun rays quite early forcing the sleeper to get up. I don’t think it was meant to be a proper bedroom but a study space for power naps. That’s where my big cousin slept through and it didn’t seem to bother him at all. He had come to live with us because his dad had passed and had been going through a hard time at university. Those were big words to me. It sounded like a big school of some sort with big people. And there was something about this big cousin that scared me… He was taller than me. He spoke English differently and always talked to daddy in a language I did not understand. Things had changed for me since he came to live with us. I did not like the way he smiled at me either as if he had some mischief-planning going on in his head. There was nothing to tell mum or dad until…

It was very dark and rainy that night and there were rumbles of thunder. Mum and dad were out for some event or dance as they would usually do some weekends and my siblings were asleep. You see I shared a room with my sister, and we had single beds in a room with built-in wardrobes and windows which opened outwards and overlooked the street.

Pickin n’a wetin” he said in a dialect I did not understand but had become accustomed to hearing him speak. He seemed genuinely concerned. So, I told him in my own language that the rain woke me up and I was just going to the bathroom. I had drunk water a little later than mum allowed and as she was not around, I had some Coca-Cola too. Perhaps that was why I needed to go. Bode smiled at me again and with his right hand beckoned me to come towards him. I hesitated a moment saying I had to use the bathroom when he walked towards me quickly carrying me up as I resisted his offer to come. Next thing I knew I was thrust tightly against his body and could hear his heartbeat as if it was racing and his breathing became more rapid. He then carried me back to his room tightly wrapping his strong, long and well-toned muscular arms around me it was difficult for me to getaway. His strength persevered as I struggled with kicking arms and legs to no avail.”

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