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Lessons I have learned in business… enjoy.

Without a formal training in the discipline, most of what I know was picked up whilst volunteering at @Hillsong and in the Community.

I am founder of a social enterprise that creates innovative solutions for teaching young people and families maths and money skills in a fun way. My colleagues and friends consistently ask me to share some of the tools that have helped me grow in this endeavour.

Very crucial is the need to adopt some of what I call Biz5 tips:

A – Aligning the purpose of the business with a cause that is impacting on the community. It is my belief and understanding that every human being was born with an assignment- with an innate ability to solve a world problem. A good way to identify this is to take up Volunteering in different roles, sectors and industries to find what resonates with one and brings huge rewards.

B – Do you see this idea in your mind and visualise its impact if it became successful? Is it big enough? (“No magic in Small dreams”) Believing that the purpose identified is a real one! I went through so many periods of self-doubt, crises-in-confidence for want of a better word, self sabotage and other limiting beliefs. It’s liberating to choose a cause, believe in it and run with it. (I think some people would use the word ‘fight’ but I prefer a softer tone – run with your cause. There will be so many conflicting ‘battles’ to respond to but focusing on the cause is crucial to maintain progress. Some of these are malicious comments, negative criticism, threats even, etc but focus keeps the traction of idea on course.

C – I am still learning this one. Clarification and care with choosing close contacts, what conversation we get involved in, is wise. Taking care who we listen to, who advises and influences us could make or break an idea.

D– “I think that all the intentions in the world will not have built the titanic!” So once we have identified the cause/ idea to grow, it’s time to make a decision, to take action. Documenting the idea either by pictures or brainstorming words in rough paper is a good start. Hopefully you have identified key people who are crucial to making the business work. Working out the right marketing tools that target your audience is very important too. I have been so blessed to have had support from family, the corporate world, local community and church making things happen. Some people will give their time to listen, their talent will bring and cuisine to fill the void when work takes its toll. Support is not always about money, think access and networking opportunities. You never know who’s looking for the next ground- breaking idea?

So D is also for decision and do it. With these positive influencers and mentors in your world, it is easier to take action.

E – They say attitude is everything. Expressing thanks, gratitude, kindness, appreciation, honour and the whole list opens doors. You never know who you will run into, in the lifts, restroom, at an event or on public transport. The word thank you is so underrated and I think it’s such a good idea to use it more often; especially as we sign off an email or text. (PS. I am still learning this one too.)

The iPhone has helped with these tools

– Screenshots for memory spots

– Voice memo for recording creative ideas

– Notes to write down lists of things to do too

– Bookmark links to home screen to recover them in a jiffy

– Creating text Shortcuts to respond to requests of all sorts

– Send again to save time rewriting emails

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