Honestly, I do not know how I got here!

Always wanting more and searching for ways to make and present life as fun, my journey in life has taken a non traditional route to where I am today.

Years ago, following in the usual African tradition and wanting to satisfy my curiosity about the workings of the human body, I studied medicine. So yes I graduated as medical doctor. I always wanted to help People but something was still missing – I wanted to do more!

So the western world which I had become acquainted with after various visits from Nigeria (#shithole) beckoned I arrived again, driven and fuelled by a passion to make a difference but not knowing how. I think it was clearer to me that every ‘life’ on this earth has a purpose.



Anyway, to satisfy that curiosity again, I studied with the The Open University and subsequently City, University of London, I acquired some understanding of Management (extended my vocabulary) and a Masters in Medical Informatics, But there was still something missing.

Being a mum brought so much fulfilment but as the Children grew older, it became clear that I needed something else I could be passionate about.

The overwhelming desire to help people overtook me and I landed voluntary roles in Hillsong Church and @Barking and Dagenham community – brimming with promise, potential and ‘power’. So the hunger to change, make an impact began to get fulfilment so that a trying season of debt, redundancy with 3 school age Kids led to the innovation of a Personal Finance Toolkit Called bMoneywize Game to support the enrichment of financial and numeracy skills.

And i think you know the rest..

I am so so blessed to have the support of so many organisations, lately Hillsong Church, BBC and Moneywise, Friends and family.

And I’m only just getting started. 💃🏾💃🏾

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