The unexpected #blog

It’s just like you Daddy to do the unexpected.

It took a phone call to effect another somewhat-life -changing stage in my life.

We were billed to attend this star studded event, at least the three of us including the ladies whose names started with M, either by nickname or real name. Anyhow that did not prepare me for the next series of events. It was just another day. The sun was streaming through the part open curtains and created a few excuses to linger in bed linger. So I slept some more and had a dream. Jostling me out of this was a phone call or text message which served as a reminder of the event to be at.

I had not forgotten, I was just spending time updating my social platforms. A fast becoming addictive task of mine, in the name of sharing and promoting. Another glance at the clock on the iphone drew a gasp as I jumped up to rush towards the bathroom after realising I was running late. The curtains had crumbled in the washing machine and since I had woken up at the crack of dawn TJ hang them out to dry, they were now calling for my attention. So I had to put up the crucial ones in the sitting room and Utility annexe before taking a shower for the day. Settling on a dress that would give no trouble with ironing and effectively hide the bulging bits of flesh I donned the robe and ran downstairs for help with the zip.

M wanted me to join her half way to the event where we had a car waiting to transfer us but in a moment of a turnaround decision, I decided to make a call to a friend. A leader, influencer who lived nearby. They confirmed they were attending same event. What I did not realise then as I paced back and forth between the bathroom and my room was that they were attending occasion in a professional capacity! I was later greeted with an offer to ride in the Royal carriage.. wow.

Anyway a gentleman’s knock on the door at agreed time had me scuffling in different directions, excitedly. I came down with temporary pink shoes to match bodice and black laced chested outfit with a dusty pink theme. You’ll know with a transparent back the bra strap colour had to match the soft material. Too much talk. It’s nice to get a limo and have the door opened for you. I like that very much. Forgot to say I told ma that a limo was waiting outside. I was seated then realised the stole I had picked up was wrong. Oh dear. So the car had to stop for me to exit, run back to the house to retrieve the beaded one. Oh Arinola!

I had time to prepare but it seems there is sometimes, one more item to add before I leave the house.

That was not all. I became part of the entourage to sit with this dignified individual. Cool stuff. But my M friend was waiting for me as per our arrangements to Travel together. We had to abandon our travel plans for this…

So I had to phone to tell her I had upgraded Travel for which she complained that I would no longer be sitting with her. Oh dear. So I agreed with her that I would sit beside her. Only I had not realised how difficult it would be to keep that promise…

On our arrival, we were met and escorted to reserved seating area no 1. “God you are having a laugh, aren’t you?” I thought. Gods humour again. That’s not all. I was able to get M to come over to the reserved seating area. Phew…

Imagine what you can have, if only you ASK!

Another interesting conversation with a friend revealed the astounding details about her landing a new miraculous job appointment. So timely and yet so crucial with the increasing crime and gun culture wave we have been experiencing.

What happened next was the the most unexpected!

In a conversational meeting to address some key challenges within the community, it was decided that two people amongst those present be installed as advisers. Oh my goodness. It was agreed that the social challenges ahead needed addressing and it was crucial to get some decisive strategies to inform the implementation of new policies.

And things have just been steamrolling from there… you know what God is like. He can turn things around in an instant! Unexpectedly!

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