Changing maths play 

Changing maths play foreverWith the strength we can muster Is what our local company

Actually set out to accomplish

As we dey for abroad

No one should be left behind

But It seems that a lot

Of children need a hand
If this is your way of saying no

Feel free to say so!

I learnt that rejection

Does not affect projection

Of how many people

We reach with out pitch

Neither does it reflect

How people see the effect

Of melanin on my skin!
The latest game sponsors

Were a Wealth company

They seemed to see potential

Where others were laid back.

Rejection led to propulsion

And international connections

Because the innovation

Taught a generation

a different way of doing maths!
I actually thought

The Course Advisor wanted a chat

Little did I  realise

The top guns wanted a part

In making a decision

About kids learning maths for FREE!

Does your maths class look like this?

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