A God overview?

I think people usually react to a victim story. I have no such claim.

My story is simple. I was born into the world, boisterous and a little unsure of my gender choice when I was young.

I was always saying to my mum, “I want to be a boy” and she would reply, “go on, be a boy!” That confused me because I thought it would take more magic than that to change gender. So I can relate a little bit with the struggles that people may have with their gender.


We do not always get to choose how we look, how uniquely we are made, and trying to change the authentic you to the plastic you might be fraught with bigger insecurity and conflict issues. So the journey to accepting who we are is a somewhat worthwhile one.

When I dwell on Psalm 139 and read that my Heavenly Father has me exquisitely and beautifully crafted, I see His deep love and designing has an aim- to express who He is, through me. If I’m surrendered to His cause, that is.

So I learned that making “excuses,” like

  • I’m slow,
  • I’m black,
  • I’m not intelligent,
  • I’m not rich,
  • I’m not educated,
  • I’m fat,
  • I’m thin,
  • I’m ugly,
  • I’m not well spoken (Moses),
  • I’m a single mum
  • I’m a victim
  • I’m in debt
  • I’m in prison (who isn’t in some sort of prison at one point in time, be it of the mind or the physical?) and my bum is too big, nose too wide, English too bad… etc, may be a cover up for what is actually going on inside.

Maybe it’s time for a God overview?

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