We don’t want your game!

They were tall and imposing

Marched into our office

To set me straight on the take

And opinions about the game

They sat down to listen

To the story I was bringing

But I got the impression

The idea was not appealing

A little tongue-tied I offered

The idea and our programme

To help the children

Flourish in the community

“We don’t want your game”

Were the words shouted at me

I can see they were not willing

To hear what I was saying

Thankfully first lady

Poked her head round the corner

When she heard the shouting

To see if I was OK

Alright, I offered

If you’re not interested

Then I see no point

In wasting your time

They clapped their notebooks

In a hurry, so angrily

And marched to the exit

Not exactly like the Brexit

I was a little shaken

As to how a simple question

Could elicit such a reaction

About a little game programme

Obstructions do come

To try make undone

All the hard work

And untangle the knots

Of a creative piece of work

Other people have made up

I must confess this beat the rest

At one point I thought

Maybe I should give this all up

But what about the children who need a ‘leg up’?

In tomorrow’s world…

Published by arinolaa

Mum, Singer, Writer, Entrepreneur Author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/arinola

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