Beautifully Flawed, out on #Amazon

It’s not everyday that a Christian gets up to talk about why and how they had to walk away from a marriage.

I am so shocked I had to write my story but when I complained to Daddy about my life being exposed, I was reminded that my life was no longer mine and I had laid it down…

I chose to surrender completely to His will.

In return I get to do what I’m asked to be and like being a blessing to others.

Divorce is never an easy subject to talk about and it takes it toll on the parties involved, especially the children and wider family and social networks. I pray you never have to take this route and that your relationship does not take a violent turn…

I had to make a choice which I believed at the time was best for me (and the kids) though little did I know how much it would affect them. Well you can read my story in the book: beautifully flawed, on #amazon.

Book is free to download on #amazon for #free today, 21/01/19 Time from 12 noon PDT.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

News: Ruling concerning domestic abuse.

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