Less is more …

It’s the sun, he’s come out to play

I hope he will try and stay

Because my clothes are wet

And need his shine best.



The old human nature

Does not behave mature

It should know by now

The best know how



Yet we persist in doing

The opposite of reason

On simple things like eat well

Junk food purchase, the receipt tells…

I’m laughing at how I much I have bought into the idea that less is more. It indeed is!

Ever seen how more and more posters advertising a product are using more pictures than text? We take one look at the image and we are painting pictures in our mind of how life would look if we just had a taste, a part or the experience portrayed in colour and glam.

Ever seen how the words supporting the advert are more like giving you reasons to think you are worth having what they are selling?

It works.

I am still wondering how to apply the less is more concept to dressing and makeup.

Any ideas?

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