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It was just another kind of ordinary day. I remember noticing the dirty black tarred road that led to the town centre. It seemed to stand out and few feet markings were present. We’d had really not weather lately so there was no chance of seeing snow forming foot prints or water puddles from the aftermath of rain. So much for the setting of my next story.

I woke up in a rather unusual manner. First it was too early and next it was getting late. I had woken up from a dream and wanted to make a note of the message before I drifted back to round two of sleep just after dawn, around 4 or 5 am. I reached out for my digital note book to record some more thoughts when the pull of those notifications sent me off in another direction.

I had a series of movie type pictures which probably reflected my background thoughts. It was going to be OK today I told myself. God has already gone before me.

You see it had been a most trying week with one disappointment after another that I had to start looking for something positive to focus my mind on. As if I was ignoring a part of my body, I began to dwell on and flip the stories and scenarios in my mind. I had unbeknownst to me received a much welcome news which brought a great peace and release to my mind after a successful training workshop. I was so grateful for the information I gleaned from the session. Prior to that I had the most privileged opportunity to meet a well-grounded and focused business woman. She knew what she wanted and how to articulate it. She was also Scottish and I loved her accent.

Wow. Settling for some good old Nandos chicken and chips meal dealt me from the generosity of First Lady!️ and Millie we wandered around in the city settings. Plush, tall buildings, people of different shapes and sizes, colours and skin tones were everywhere and we had to be somewhere. In fact we were 2 Minutes late and how I hate African time!  Very interactive and informative session, I came back home a little late but with a brain buzzing with ideas of how to move things forward, but differently.

So everything that could go wrong did, this morning, prior to the exciting round up.

It was not enough that I had woken up from one dream to another and kept forgetting what I had been seeing. Normally I would write down my dream messages but things were not the same this morning. I think it was a mixture of excitement and expectations for the day. The date not alien to us was the birthday of one in the family and one of my favourite numbers which signalled victory.

We were all preparing for a history-shaping meeting; at least, it was, in my view. It was going to be a pioneering initiative we were bringing that could alter the course of so many young lives. Armed with the knowledge that God was completely in control of affairs and working behind the scenes, I dressed up in a suit – it’s been so long since I did, and I much rather seem to be drawn to dresses these days. Ready for action and almost forgetting to clutch a pair of my weather-beaten heels, (by the way, I’ve made my rounds in the shops in a quest to find right-fitting and comfortable near-low heel shoes and have not yet been successful and I think my Daddy made me so unique there) I head off in the direction of the tube station.

So having communicated with the team, the night before, I headed towards the station, bouncing on my heels, happy until oh no… the card reader refused to budge.

So the phone charger had suddenly lost the ability to charge overnight and I had to thank Daddy for reminding me to suggest a meeting time and place to the team before my head kissed the pillow, with me drifting to sleep. That was last night and this is now. The phone was dead so I was unable to confirm the reason for the card-reader embarrassment which did not make sense as there was a balance on it when I checked it online before my phone’s untimely, inconvenient, battery-death. I appreciate that my phone survived a crash and cracked screen and did not think that had a bearing on its battery function.

Let me know what you think either way please?

So since no one could reach or communicate with me I had to look for ways to get a wire charger for my phone. From asking the reception staff at the office where I was, to misnaming an old acquaintance, I finally discovered someone kind enough to let me borrow their wire for my portable charger. And I had to remember to find them once I was adequately charged up. I am glad to say I took charger back.

Regretting the fact that I had neglected to follow the instruction to send ahead to the participants, some documents to read, I slightly asked Daddy to intervene. Hence the need to access the email on my phone so I could ask someone in our destination’s support team to print some copies for the meeting. One of our team brought a copy and Coulter too. Thank Daddy for his sense of humour.

During this meeting, I heard myself begin to say things I had no prior planning to utter, but seemed to meet the need at the time. Many questions and demonstrations later we were out.

Who knows how this will turn out? I think it will be better than we had envisaged.

It was Daddy’s business after all. Thanks Dad

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