Watch “I blame my parents” @BBC 3 on 20/01/19

#Mentalhealth issues are alarmingly on the increase and not talked about much. I was too busy to see what was happening in my own home.

“I blame my parents” (an interesting hook) is the title of this @BBC documentary where communication skills with my beautiful daughter is “put under the microscope”. We talked about church and God’s influence on healing too (hope that gets in…😂)

As it’s more about

Dammy, it will be aired on the youth-friendly channel – BBC3 on Sunday morning, around 10am.

The trailer can be seen on the BBC-3 story. And more information is available here:

It’s been an incredible privilege to be part of promoting good #mentalhealth.

Thank you to Hannah Kupoluyi, Sanchia Alasia, Raising Successful Children with Shola Alabi, with Shola Alabi, Kingsley Hall, Hillsong Church London, London Riverside Church

for supporting me these last few months.

Let’s talk Dr, Boanerges Soupie Adebayo, Dr Shade Olajubu, Dr Leah Godson, Lade Hephzibah Olugbemi and “save” our children.

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