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If you think God lacks a sense of humour, get your head around this story.

A man on exile and on the run has deceived his father and cheated his brother out of an inheritance (in today’s terms). You see the first born in the family was guaranteed a lifestyle of affluence on the father’s passing, at least in a wealthy one. This man, had colluded with his mum to cheat his brother. Their father a rich man was dying and gradually losing his sight but wanted to bestow (we rarely do that these days, I wonder why) a blessing on his first son so called him to bring his favourite meal and come back for a blessing.

Talk about hackers, and phishing, listening to traffic in on a network, unsecured WiFi’s and all. Well someone was listening in on this plan and communicated it to another “kind of worthy” candidate – twin and second son ( Kehinde in Yoruba language).

The fun or kind of crazy thing about this was this event was in keeping with mum had known before their birth. As she carried them in her womb (tummy) the boys had struggled, maybe fought for dominance and even when they were being born there was competition. Their mother had asked God for some explanation as to why to high level of activity in her pregnancy 🤰 and God said there were two boys BUT the older would serve the younger. So the stage was set!

Anyway, mum asks the younger twin, by birth timing to carry out the father’s bidding and do an impression of the older twin brother; only the latter had a deeper voice and was more hairy. Quite difficult to copy I would think to impersonate but mum was determined as this son was her favourite. And the other was daddy’s.

So cooking the food for this man she gave him costume clothes that smelled of the sweat, grime, was hairy and felt rough enough to look 👀 like his brother’s. Now I imagine they might have spent time practising his twin brother’s voice – Esau’s!

The amount of work that goes into faking! And to Risk being caught?

Jacob the man in this story was fearful of being caught and receiving a curse instead if he was found out. What did mum say, “let the curse be on my head.”

Plan proceeds and Jacob presents the meal to his daddy who senses that his voice is weaker not like Esau’s but agreed that the skin and smell was right. In any event, he pronounces on Jacob, Esau’s blessing landing him in serious trouble as he had to flee for his life; aided with a plan by his mum. It seems she had no limits to executing this grand plan.

The power of a woman on a mission?

The father was so confused when Esau came back for his blessing only to find Jacob had taken it. The distraught son begged for a blessing and his father pronounced exactly what God had told their mother – the older would serve the younger.

How accurate God’s word is!

Fleeing from Esau, landed Jacob far away from home, with his mother’s family where he “happened” to accidentally and coincidentally meet his very beautiful cousin Rachel. He goes home with her to meet her family then falls in love with her.

She had an older sister was was described as having “lazy 👀 eyes” and not as beautiful. But she was the one chosen to be his bride on the night when Jacob thought he had married Rachel!

Their father had also deceived him, Jacob, into believing that he would be getting Rachel as wife after the marriage ceremony. He woke up to find he had been pouring his love into another woman. He was also deceived the same way he had done to his brother.

So I was attending a wedding 🎩 👰 where the bride and groom were about to exchange their vows. The minister asked for the one giving her away and her father came forward claiming it was him. The minister asked if he was happy with the proceedings so far because another previous ceremony had left the father of the bride then, quite upset. This father said he was.

Next the minister asked the groom to lift up the veil to check if he had the right woman at the altar. The congregation burst into rapturous laughter as he reminded us this was not the first time a bride 👰 had been switched for the groom.

Does it make you think how kind God is to have included this story as an example to check, check and check again, the identity of an intended bride (or partner) for that matter.

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