The big 40! #blog #blogging

My forever-friend, fabulous at forty !

All roads led to that restaurant -Wood Oven, only just.

I woke up with so much excitement as if it was my own birthday. It was First Lady’s. We had pre-arranged wearing a similar dress and I had complained softly that it would not be nice to take the focus of her. She disagreed so we had gone through a few cloth-making shops to ask them to take in a few hems and stitches so mine would have a better fit after some weight loss. It didn’t happen. I remember one lady seamstress almost ‘cursing’ to say we were disturbing her.

Ditching the uniform idea, First Lady opted for a beautiful low-cut round neck, white top with a black lacy skirt and see through pattern filled with a nice lining. Amazing. She looked so amazing with long dark curly hair flying about her face as it fell softly down the back. Face was impeccably flawless (if that English construction is allowed ) and pouting lips topped up with red lipstick to match. Shoes were a comfortable low-heeled glitter slipper which reminded me of Cinderella whom I have never met!

I had received a warning text to say she was coming over to rearrange my make up which did not seem a good idea, for me anyway, as I was still sweating from the heat inflicted through the hot wave we’d been experiencing.

Dabbing the face with the wetness of my make-up laced cotton wool, I wiped away dirt and dead skin with toner to close up the pores, managing to slap on lipstick after trying out a few dresses. I had complained about the dishevelled appearance of the room (as we do when we seek empathy) before this ‘see-me-I-fine routine’ of trying a few dresses. We agreed on a black and white, dotted top and cleanly designed skirt which I think thrilled Hannah later.

It’s so special to have friends who support and pay you compliments too, isn’t it?

I was planning to have lots of fun and kept thinking of unusual ways to make it memorable for the First Lady!️ So after we settled on Molly-approving make up, which did not work for me as I was still sweating and sweltering from the heat, we embarked on our leggedees method of vehicle transportation. Walking.

First stop was a lady I casually knew from the local library. I happily said hello and announced that First Lady was 40. She greeted the celebrant and I asked if she would oblige by putting on some of my red lipstick. She agreed and made a pout as I indelicately applied the red colour to the periphery of her not-so-wide but darker lips. Delightful. Molly thought this was hilarious. A result. “How can you ask a woman in the street to wear lipstick?” She asked me, quite bemused.

I had to think on my feet about the next treat.

So it happens next, that we board the train after stopping to take a few photos as she preened down the aisle, donned by yellow frames of metal pipes, neatly painted on either side of the pathway. She stopped for a few photo shoots and we were just in time to catch the vessel that would career us into town. The birthday town. Where everything good takes place. A glance at the imposing clock on the platform revealed that we had less than 30 minutes for this so-surprise, already known, birthday party. It was no longer a surprise now…😯

I asked the First Lady for permission to get people on the train to sing her a song. She was politely arguing her refusal when I suddenly jolt-started her by getting up and making a plea. Somewhat unusual for dressed ladies with lipstick, as this was a usual thing with people who had either musical instruments or tins to collect money.

Swallowing saliva and somewhat nervous and bold all together, I asked if they would please sing for my friend who turned 40 and said her name is Molly. So on the spot; I became a choir director as I sang the intro for the song, waved my hands as if I was directing a choir, sang with our fellow train passengers to madam’s shock and delight. I tried to record a video but madam millionaire called at same time and the moment got spoiled. We took more photos up the escalator, at the restaurant hosting the party, back at work and again at the party.

During the party meal, we took turns to say how we met and how much a blessing she has been to our lives and it was fun and laughter all the way. We finally got to cut the cake too but we were laughing a lot after the specially ordered and lady-poured Prosecco which we had before tucking into the large Turkish platter of an array of beef, chicken, lamb, rice and salad, deliciously garnished.

Life is so much better with friends who have a spare set of eye glasses in case you forgot yours, isn’t it?

Well that’s a story for another time, I think?

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