Oyster ‘palaver’

I was helping mum to get the bus
But as we got on board
The Oyster card seemed to freeze
Dejected I waved bye
To mum who was ill at ease.
I apologised for her missing
My company to her special treat

Tears streaming down my face
I made a little race
To the bank across the place
To ask the bank clerk

If all was well with the card
As far as I can tell it is
Or we can make a new enquiry
And it will take a few days
And you’ll have to wait
No I replied quickly
Four days wait is too long
I need to run and catch up
With my mom
As planned all night long

What happened next
Was so unexpected
I ran into the local MP candidate
As I went home straight
From the ensuing palaver
They said what they could muster
To convince me to offer,
A vote to their party
After this I tried again
Using the card I arranged
From a prior visit to the bank

Off I went this time
With the blue Oyster
And bank card in tow
In case the travel card did not flow
Much to my surprise
The Oyster this time worked
Leaving me puzzled about happened before.


Only by this time
I was running late
So I penned an email
To the recipient on the other line
I arrived at nearest station
And wondered around a bit lost
Until I happened on a man
Picking chocolates off the floor
They were meant for a surprise
He offered to summarise,
The reason he was bending
To pick sweeties off the street
I’ll take you there, he offered
It’s somewhat trickier, round the bend

Just wait with me
We need to go up a hill
So on my knees I went
To save the chocolates somewhat bent
Cos’ the quicker we picked
The sooner he would leave.

There you are!
He pointed to the building
That I had been seeking
To get to, early.

Ah! thankfully the Director was waiting

So much for worrying
And running a little late
There seemed no need for the haste
She was the kindest
Of all I had met
Understood the principle
Of teaching money wize
To children of little size


I will help you she said
I want you to believe
You have a product
That many people need
I took a moment to blot to tears
That were streaming down my face
Don’t worry she said
I want you to believe.

She has continued to help me till now
Sometimes putting her own needs aside
She was the person behind the media articles you’ll find,

As I take things in my stride
Mind, she would not like me
To mention her name.
But is happy to help promote the game

Rather than her own little, big fame!

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