Dr Arinola Araba is a mum, a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, turned published authorpodcaster and politician.

She is also the inventor of the popular “Best U.K. Product” award nominee educational board game, bmoneywize, that teaches maths and finance skills in a fun way!

She has been featured or mentioned on

ITVNews about her passion to teach children money skills,

•  BBC Money and mental health documentaries,

• BBC radio,  Sunday TimesDaily Mail and others.

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From Lloyds Bank:

Dr Arinola Araba is a mum, multi-award winning ed-tech social entrepreneur and founder of bMoneyWize whose mission is to improve financial literacy and numeracy skills for young people. She is passionate about demystifying the subject of money, to increase awareness about how money works in an increasingly ‘cashless society.

After being inspired by then 14-year-old daughter,

She created the concept of a board game that addresses financial wellbeing and education. The game uses real-life situations that are relatable to young people and equips them with the confidence, knowledge, and key skills to value money in a fun way.

To help children see how much fun maths can be, she launched a maths game app on the Apple and Google App Stores. “Money Maths” presents life scenarios using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operators. Money Maths also rewards players for the right answers.

Download the free apps here:

and here

She is also a published author and has documented her own experience of domestic abuse in a book, called Beautifuly Flawed.

She volunteers to help “victims” of abuse, to rebuild their lives too.

Her profile can be viewed here:

She has created an online financial education course themed: 12 things about money I wish I was taught at school.

It’s packed with interactive videos, educational content, quizzes and a certificate on completion.

It’s available at £1 for a limited time at:

Teenager Money:

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