What’s your story? #blog

When last did you check…?

It’s easy to tell people what to do and not do same isn’t it?

Well I’d never.

On the day in question, I was trying to make an online payment but it would not go through. The bank app needed verification through the security device.

Being a bank our family was loyal to, I decided to borrow another security device thinking this would do the trick when I was promptly told it had become blocked.


So I tried another exciting idea. I would go to a service till to get cash out instead of an online transaction.

The error message in red was so embarrassing that I felt not only for myself but nearby potential onlookers… it asked me to contact card issuer. Normally, surely that usually meant there were insufficient funds? Not so thus time, I assure you because the online screen proved otherwise.

What next!?

A little flustered, I marched to a quiet place where I could call the bank. Surely they would set things straight.

The calm bank phone support person asked what the trouble was. Trying to sound like the bank was at fault, i explained my dissatisfaction with the service I had received. He then asked me what the 4 digits for the bank card 💳 were. When he heard my response, he said they did not register in the system.


He then asked me what the expiry date was. Imagine my shock when I read 2015!

I was so embarrassed 😩 that I was driven to apologise profusely for my impatience.

Pause: when was the last time you checked your bank cards?

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