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Children with access to smart access, all over the world will soon get the opportunity to gain money and maths skills, learn with their friends and family and better mental health!

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The day could not come any faster after the night before. I slept well and had dreamed an event packed with people having fun. I’m not sure how you could have fun with a serious subject to discuss though. I was determined it would be a celebration of triumphing, overcoming not just for me but for my co- speakers.

You see we had planned ahead that it was time to share the stories of some much overlooked people in the community, only in this case Komal and Caroline happened to be close friends of mine. They had also suffered previously and had a passion to stop others experiencing same. Delightful and beautiful Asian models in their own right over the last month, met with each other and me to discuss how best to present their stories. You can imagine they individually have had to go through and how nerve wracking it would be to have to sit or stand in front of a forgiving audience some of whom might glare or stare at them all the while.

We were all excited and I think the social media channels had been blasted with words like ‘coming soon’ #beautifullyflawed #breakthesilence #pentoprint, photos and videos and much more. There were retweets, shares, comments, posts, Instagram hashtags and you name it, we found ways including banners to share word that domestic violence matters was coming to the agenda in the community of Barking and Dagenham.

Riddled but not labelled one of the boroughs with the highest recorded incidences of domestic violence, it seemed fitting that a community-oriented platform to address the matter was apt and timely.

Watch “I blame my parents” @BBC 3 on 20/01/19

There are too many cases of cyber bullying and suicide among our youths!

It’s time someone or some people started talking…

Follow us into our private lives as we share our struggles, mine as a parent to my lovely Dami; and my daughter as a young adult.

#Mentalhealth issues are alarmingly on the increase and not talked about much. I was too busy to see what was happening in my own home.

“I blame my parents” (an interesting hook) is the title of this @BBC documentary where communication skills with my beautiful daughter is “put under the microscope”. We talked about church and God’s influence on healing too (hope that gets in…😂)

Beautifully Flawed, My new #book out on #Amazon

Divorce is never an easy subject to talk about and it takes it toll on the parties involved, especially the children and wider family and social networks. I pray you never have to take this route and that your relationship does not take a violent turn…

Small steps… #blog #blogging

  What most people might take for granted, choosing to upgrade a phone at the end of a contract, turned out to be an uphill task for me, punctuated with so many emotions.  I used to get told what make of phone to sign up for. Now, I had the choice…the freedom, to pick and…

Don’t touch me 2!

He loves me I sang as I bounced from one feet to another to heed her mother’s call.
“I have been looking all over for you…” mum said as she smiled with could have been disguised as concern. Knowing mum, she just wanted to get her ducks in a row; Make sure all of us were sorted and ready for school the next day.
“My home work is done mum,” I assured her.

Don’t touch me! #blog

(This is a fictional story to highlight the issues involved in sexual abuse from the perspective of the abused). I gripped and pulled up the waist definer or clincher or whatever it’s called. Surely that should help define my figure and make me more attractive along with some foundation and eye highlighting make up colours…

Ace your book launch!

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Our next event – breakfast

You are enough 🥰

It’s about the #Beautifullyflawed book again.

Time to #breakthesilence with #pentoprint to #balanceforbetter on #domesticabuse & #domesticviolence. So read my #book, a #bestseller! Get it on #amazon & #kindle & @okadabooks @Pen to Print @iBooks https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1791380530


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