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I am compiling about 100 stories of people who have had an abortion. Please contact me via this website if you would like more details. Thanks

Overwhelmed again

In particular, I wish to thank Cam Kinsella of Aster Foundation’s inc. social incubator. This incredible woman asked me if I wanted to be introduced to Neil of the global processing systems. I had not understood what this was about at the time but I said “yes!”

Who am I

I stand by the grace of God knowing that my sustenance and breath come from Him. I have decided to surrender my life wholly and completely to Him – my reasonable worship I have been SO blown away by His multitude of blessings and know in my heart, it is just the beginning! He has…

Presenting on financial well-being

It was such an honour to be asked to present my two cents on financial well-being having walked in the shoes of someone struggling with debt. I have shared some of my story and lessons I learned along the way.

Let’s talk about abuse?

Along with some incredible speakers, I have the incredible opportunity to share the story of how I came to walk out of an abusive relationship – in no holds barred interview. I hope you will join us on Zoom or Facebook live: tomorrow, August 11th from 6pm.

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Let me help you! I share my personal story of #domesticabuse in my #book for #free. Please let your friends and contacts know. Complete the survey and download the book 📚 here:

A new Doodly

What do you think of this form of advertising? It’s this.

Making a difference

I could not resist the idea to produce board games to help families talk, bond and learn together. We launched a crowdfunder to help deliver board games to families during and after the #lockdown Interested? Take a look at this

My new #book, romantic novel #blog

This second novel is the continuation of the saga started in the first book, “Love at First Byte” which details the embattled life of a young girl who has been subjected to unhealthy relationships with men. One of these led to the conception of her twins. Cici was also conceived following an affair between her mum and a casual acquaintance. Also, a woman of mixed heritage, Chinese and African, she is yet to meet her biological father. She is mum to two excitable and pre-teen-twins after having survived a break with her previous life as a “lady of the night.” Lately, she has been negotiating life and exploring relationships with men while being a super-wealthy woman. You will be drawn into the humorous account of her children’s plans to find their mother a husband, the impending love triangle scenario and the behaviours of Cici’s love interests! Share her struggles with motherhood, growth in her Christian faith and romance as she juggles a relationship with two men. A must-read if you are an avid reader of romantic titles! She now has one crucial decision to make, in the morning…

A time to pray?

#Google reports #prayer as the most searched word recently.

I thought it fitting to share my book on the subject – #FREE to download today.

Have you noticed how we live in a fast-paced and instant world a belief in God seems to be losing its relevance? Do you also meet with people who constantly question the existence, validity and usefulness of belief in a supreme being?

Have you ever wondered if God was real or if He ever spoke? Do you wonder whether He is interested in the affairs of men?

I believe God is real. He is a loving Father with outstretched arms waiting and calling out for us to come back to Him. He desires us to come closer for a life-changing and purposeful relationship with Him.

The more I slowed down and stopped to listen, the more I obeyed, and the more I did the clearer His voice seemed to me.

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Was it me? #blog #blogging

Thanks for the phone calls, quiet words and encouragement, the SEQUEL to the “Love at First Byte” is coming soon. Here’s a #book excerpt: (unabridged, unedited) The tone of his voice tugged at my heart strings and I could hear his voice in my head repeat in my head, and it was softer each time…

Podcasting with Hannah

Beintentional #Beunapologetic #Beunique Beyou #Birthyourvision #EachforEqual #IWD2020 #podcast #pentoprint Supporting amazing women in Birthing their vision and dreams is my thing!! Celebrating Female Authors, Screenwriters, publishers in honour of International Women’s Months in March 2020. Joining me on “Birth Your Vision Podcast Series” Today Arinola Speaker Araba For More Information E: 💐Guest: Arinola Araba…

Watch “I blame my parents” @BBC 3 on 20/01/19

“I blame my parents” (an interesting hook) is the title of this @BBC documentary where communication skills with my beautiful daughter is “put under the microscope”. We talked about church and God’s influence on healing too (hope that gets in…😂)