Dr. Arinola Araba

Arinola’s has developed a resource which demonstrates her pursuit and drive for excellence in education. At a time when financial organisations are recognising the need to educate and shape the financial futures of the next generation families, and government is legislating about changes in delivery of maths subjects, Arinola has entered this phase with a solution that hits the spot! See: http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/family/547717/bmoneywise-game-aims-to-boost-kids-financial-awareness

BBC interview was aired here.

Her ITV News interview can be seen here:


Because of Arinola’s success and exposure nationally and globally, with award nominations has attracted various individuals to her project to seek her support in their goal to develop products that bring real solutions to social problems. She runs chairs and speaks at women’s events, encouraging, inspiring and empowers other women to achieve more! Her blog

https://arinolaa.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/20101211-124217.jpg”> Arinola[/captio
Arinola’s organisation is based in the multi-cultural community of Barking and Dagenham in East London. She regularly involves and seeks the opinion of a diverse crowd in planning projects, events and initiatives to ensure a wider and far-reaching impact that transcends boundaries and cultures, demonstrating a true commitment to diversity!

Arinola has set up bMoney wize as a not-for-profit enterprise to favourably compete with similar organisations, yet be self-sustaining by creating a unique product that addresses two social problems: low numeracy and financial education.  

There is a new initiative called Kickstart Money which represents a conglomeration of financial providers with a goal of reaching one million primary schools pupils in the UK over the next three years.  Arinola’s bMoneywize game was featured by one of its sponsors, Old Mutual Wealth, in the national annual Personal Finance Teacher awards demonstrating impactful vision within the wider social enterprise and education sector. Please see more information here: https://www.moneywise.co.uk/news/2016-12-12/win-5000-your-school-our-2017-personal-finance-teacher-the-year-competition

There have been unique barriers to new ideas in the multi-cultural community where Arinola is based and she has had to work hard to win the trust of a community which resists change. In spite of many disappointments, Arinola, a single mum to 3 young adults,  continues to remain positive in her ambition to shape the financial futures of the next generation, by running FREE financial school workshops, even using her own personal funds!  I have watched her turn things around, gain respect of colleagues, and attract support from unlikely quarters. She continues to thrive in the face of so many rejections as blogged here: https://arinolaa.wordpress.com/2017/07/02/they-said-no/

2019 projects: 

I blame my parents - #BBC 3
I blame my parents – @BBC 3

Arinola and her daughter, Dammy were also featured in a BBC mental health documentary called “I blame my parents” that has received over 55,000 viewings on YouTube and more on the iplayer. 

The interview on ITV Lunch Time News credited bMoneywize –  board game,  as solution to teach kids money skills in an increasingly Cashless society. More:


Arinola Araba & kids

Arinola Araba & kids

Latest project: I blame my parents – BBC3



You tube link.

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