Does God laugh? #blog

For those who have forgotten how good it is to laugh…

(Caveat: I was not wearing my eye 👓 while writing. Bear with me while I make corrections.)

Have you wondered like me, if God has a sense of humour? Well, He made you and me right? In His image and likeness and we have His nature – in Jesus. So yes possibly, He does.

Imagine how much pleasure we get from a good joke or laugh and think of it’s many physiological, scientific benefits. We release endorphins from laughing and they make us feel good.

Did you hear there are now ministers of happiness, laughter clubs and forums springing up all over the place, also sell-out tickets at comedy clubs and more?

So humour and laughter are beneficial to the body system.

I am excited to also share that there are humourous occurrences of God’s nature recorded in scripture.

Now there was a man called Adam who was given a job description – replenish and dominate the earth, name the animals and others. He had to be put to sleep to extract his ‘helper’ personal assistant and wife?

Why would anyone be put to sleep? For Surgery? To knock them out? Stop arguements? Or maybe the pain of extracting an already existent wife would necessitate having him in a sleepy state. Haba!

Was God wanting to perform a procedure that this man would resist? Maybe one day it will be clearer.

I remember saying Daddy, it’s funny you had to put the man to sleep to position him for delivery of his partner / helper. What does that have to say about the role of a woman?

Next up for me was the fact that the sin of the first couple got God into designer mode. They had sewed fig leaves to cover up their now revealed nakedness, so Daddy stepped into the picture. Their own designs had not met the exact specifications. They were leaves and would dry and shrivel, not lasting long. So Daddy again decided to demonstrate His loving compassion for this couple. He shows a better way to design clothes using animal skins resulting in the shedding blood – very significant. Now picture the couple in the latest fried, dried skins in form of bra and panties. Priceless!😆

Anyhow I am even more amused when I realise that Daddy calls an urgent meeting as if in fear of what collaborating men would do at initiation of the Tower of Babel project. They see a strong group of men, organised, with a single goal of building a Tower To the heavens. It appears that Daddy and team panic and plan to intervene in the most unexpected, unprecedented way. They change the languages with which these men communicate so that it’s difficult for them to understand one another. So imagine the men report for building work the next day and one says “what do we do next?” the other replies “merci.” Utter confusion!

Imagine one man waved goodbye and the other is approaching him with a fist as if he’s been offended because his mate was rude.

Extreme measures to switch languages, Daddy I say. That I believe is how the world developed different languages. Subsequently, the equivalent of a census was carried out and the people who spoke same languages moved away, but together.

Next up for me, Daddy chooses to get a Hebrew, slave and foreigner’s baby, Moses into the Royals palace at a time of the release and implementation of harshly, severe policies that see boys under 2 years of age killed, somewhat brutally by the soldiers. Even midwifery policies were instructed to kill new babies at birth!

How do you get a baby who is supposed to have been killed into the same building of establishment that tried to eliminate him? And he gets to learn the strategies of the enemy? Or how does a spy have exclusive no-holds-barred access, to information about their enemy with the latter’s sponsorship and endorsement?

It happened like this. A member of the Royal family came to a unique position of noticing an abandoned pram. On edging closer, she found a beautiful baby boy crying and fell in love with him – the same ‘race’ or culture of boy that should have been killed. Wow! She reclaims the baby, takes advice from an onlooking girl who just happened to be his sister. The latter offered information about suitable nannies. All agreed, the baby was put back in paid care of his mum but groomed in the Royal household – in the midst of enemy secrets.

How humorous of my Daddy? Did you think that maybe my Daddy blinded their eyes and blocked their ears so they could not notice that this boy was not one of theirs and stopped their ears from noticing the foreign accent of the baby’s sister?

Another story punctuated with instances of prevaricating or playing politics surrounds the visit of one man to secretly ‘appoint” a king when there’s a living and sitting one. How incredibly dangerous that was in those times.

So there’s a king called Saul who was misbehaving, nothing new in today’s world. He received specific instructions to carry out a Royal engagement or assignment which was war like in nature. He failed to follow procedure or protocol and displeased Daddy, so setting him up for ‘impeachment’. He did not seem to show remorse but was rather more concerned about how the press and media groups portrayed him. Amazing. Incredulous.

Anyway there was a divine order – instruction to remove him and have him replaced, only the inauguration ceremony of his replacement had to be performed in secret. The man who was to perform the ceremony feared for his life so he was instructed to say he had come on a special visit to the family of the successor. A visit in disguise. .. yes

Who else would have masterminded a near MI5 operation like that if not Daddy? So you see there’s nothing new under the sun.

Again there was a king who was planning to defeat a special group of People so marshalled his agents to strategise a master plan. Guess what? My Daddy had other plans, because practically every strategy they had carefully laid out to implement was leaked.

So you think recent press ‘gates” and “leaks” are a new thing? Think again. Daddy has some examples in His book – the bible.

Anyway back to the story, after several leaked pieces of information, an audit trail linked these gross errors to a particular man, who could foretell the future! Alas they said of him, “the man hears everything we say, even in the bedroom” and subsequently leaks it to their enemy.

There are still many other examples but another one which beats bitcoin’s fame was “fish coin”. You Heard right. While people use bitcoin as a form of earning income through the digital financial markets, my Daddy uses a fish coin to generate income. Get your head around that one if you can.

Some taxes for a particularly troublesome and loud-mouthed friend of the investor in question was overdue. To avoid what we would in the modern world call bailiffs or debt collectors visits, the generous investor friend asked the debtor to go to the sea to pick up a fish cook from the mouth of the first member of the Pisces family he pulled out of water. Such accuracy and precision in determining market movement is far more sophisticated than technical financial analysis.

The debtor obeyed A’s instructed and retrieved a coin from a fish’s mouth to pay off his debts and more.

What do you think now?

More to follow…

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