Who am I

I stand by the grace of God knowing that my sustenance and breath come from Him. I have decided to surrender my life wholly and completely to Him – my reasonable worship I have been SO blown away by His multitude of blessings and know in my heart, it is just the beginning! He hasContinue reading “Who am I”

When “They said No!”

When “They said No!” You advertised a job?I’m calling to apply.Oh the position is filled,Advert was a hitch! And we were expecting someone else,You see your name did not reflect,With all due respect,The applicant we referred! My hands are tied,You see there are rules,And policies to followOr perhaps, try tomorrow? We got your application,But afterContinue reading “When “They said No!””

A guest post by Laurelle

19 Hidden benefits of Amazon Prime subscription. You get more than free delivery!
by Laurelle Darroux | Jan 31, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

So I love a bargain and it is passion to add value to the life of busy moms. Particularly those moms who are overwhelmed or isolated, or juggling, struggling or even marginalised, to help you save money, spend money wisely and navigate your side hustle. You may be in full time or part time employment, a stay at home mom or work at home, you may even be seeking employment or a business opportunity to be your own boss or just want to earn some extra money.

#bMoneywize App has landed

Children with access to smart access, all over the world will soon get the opportunity to gain money and maths skills, learn with their friends and family and better mental health!