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by Laurelle Darroux | Jan 31, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

So I love a bargain and it is passion to add value to the life of busy moms. Particularly those moms who are overwhelmed or isolated, or juggling, struggling or even marginalised, to help you save money, spend money wisely and navigate your side hustle. You may be in full time or part time employment, a stay at home mom or work at home, you may even be seeking employment or a business opportunity to be your own boss or just want to earn some extra money.

Finance lessons taught by Mummy! #blog #blogging

My mum noticed that we would sit on the fence outside the house and buy anything the “street hawkers” were peddling so that when the day was up, or rarely, week was up we were broke. For some reason I started learning to save my money as I was not sure about our spending. I would then bail out or help others if they needed money.

What I like best was that my mum studied our spending patterns and realised (market research) we were spending on sweets and worked out the type of sweets we bought by asking – survey.

That’s how we began to run a sweet shop in the store of mummy’s kitchen.