Volunteering did it for me!

Jon Gildersleeve this is for you! Thanks for asking me to write about volunteering. Why I got volunteering: It was an interesting concept to me years ago, that if I was not working, I could get some experience, gain new skills and make friends by giving my time, whilst getting expenses covered. It was aContinue reading “Volunteering did it for me!”

Forex, week 3 December

Voilà, c’est la vie.., I have traded the Euro, US dollar and Swiss Franc 😉 I took some losses earlier this week but made some profit yesterday and today. Some haphazard Market behaviours this week though… On another exciting note, I have been asked to deliver some financial seminars to women….so rewarding as this ventureContinue reading “Forex, week 3 December”

100 pips profit in 24 hours ;-)

It was a busy day yesterday as I had meetings with clients and teach forex team. I was oblivious to the fact that my trade positions had come into profit. Using the support and resistance technique, on the gbp/usd, eur/usd I had net 105 pips altogether….;-) check out chart in previous post. In money terms,Continue reading “100 pips profit in 24 hours ;-)”