Phew! A few crazy days with late nights at the office meant I was getting a little tired and needed a good night’s rest. I simply said ‘Lord you need to wake me up in time for the Schools session tomorrow” You see I have come to depend on Him for everything including being myContinue reading “Phew!”

Changing maths play 

Changing maths play foreverWith the strength we can muster Is what our local company Actually set out to accomplish As we dey for abroad No one should be left behind But It seems that a lot Of children need a hand If this is your way of saying no Feel free to say so! IContinue reading “Changing maths play “

When they said NO…!

You advertised a job? I’m calling to apply. Oh the position is filled, The advert had a hitch!     And we were expecting someone else, You see your name did not reflect, With all due respect, The applicant we referred!     My hands are tied, You see there are rules, And policies toContinue reading “When they said NO…!”

Avon box to board game?

Here is a short transcript of the board game story. 😉 We had gained some local success with previous community projects in Barking and Dagenham, Essex, UK with the talent showcase ‘Cultural Event’ in 2011, and Miss BD – a community search to crown a young role model in 2012, so it was easier toContinue reading “Avon box to board game?”