Avon box to board game?

Here is a short transcript of the board game story. 😉 We had gained some local success with previous community projects in Barking and Dagenham, Essex, UK with the talent showcase ‘Cultural Event’ in 2011, and Miss BD – a community search to crown a young role model in 2012, so it was easier toContinue reading “Avon box to board game?”

Things happen for a reason…

Following many visits to hers I found a safe forum to express my fears and doubts. Only, the visits became quite regular and aroused suspicion so I’d have to make the excuse that my hair needed doing to go to hers. It was during a visit there, I was introduced to this other young ladyContinue reading “Things happen for a reason…”

Volunteering did it for me!

Jon Gildersleeve this is for you! Thanks for asking me to write about volunteering. Why I got volunteering: It was an interesting concept to me years ago, that if I was not working, I could get some experience, gain new skills and make friends by giving my time, whilst getting expenses covered. It was aContinue reading “Volunteering did it for me!”