I may have minor trust issues 

On occasion, during half-terms, when we’re staying at with my dad we would go to up north to church and east, up until they moved venues to make room for the Olympics I wouldn’t ever spot the youth. When they moved to the east, every time I was there, on my way to a seat, IContinue reading “I may have minor trust issues “

My world of money…

“Mum, Arin is hiding her money!” “She has not spent her money!” Comments like these or similar, remind me of how my siblings complained that I was saving my money whilst they were spending theirs. They even complained that I would support them with their spending theirs. At a time we were learning to negotiate,Continue reading “My world of money…”

What was I thinking…?

Toxic thoughts. When you hear on a regular basis you are no good, the power of those words begin to manifest as you ‘meditate’ on them. They rob you of taking a chance at opportunities that are presented to you, they mistake care from someone for ‘they are trying to take advantage of me’ syndrome.Continue reading “What was I thinking…?”

Volunteering did it for me!

Jon Gildersleeve this is for you! Thanks for asking me to write about volunteering. Why I got volunteering: It was an interesting concept to me years ago, that if I was not working, I could get some experience, gain new skills and make friends by giving my time, whilst getting expenses covered. It was aContinue reading “Volunteering did it for me!”