itrade…drop in

Itrade visits Foyer again to relate to our very talented young people. We had fun as we discussed unique opportunities the youth could get involved in. Pics will tell story …

Money Wize

Damz takes money Wize session on a tour of money Wize+, an advanced version of our popular money game! See phases of faces 😉


itrade is a business literacy workshop and more! We rub shoulders with the most incredible talent: Vivien is becoming a much sought after chef; Troy has secured a placemat with accomplished cook, Jamie Oliver, Theresa is pursuing a course in Estate management; Michelle is learning how to run a child nursery; Staci will be startingContinue reading “itrade”

Money Wize – let your hair down …

More users, young and older than young join for an exciting money literacy session in Dagenham library. Enjoy our many faces of fun. Stella says, “I come here to let my hair down”. Mr Hussain, Mr Ade and Master Israel join us… May on top form as she laughs about her attempts to keep anContinue reading “Money Wize – let your hair down …”