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Tomatoes would grow
But not all in a row
Groundnuts did abound
They were also around
I even found yam
As you would on a farm
Green beans in pods
One purple, among the lot!
Strawberries so red
Were growing in the bed
Pears were ripe and sweet
To pick up with ease
I later climbed the black cherry tree
To D’s words of caution and grin
I found rosemary and spinach
Seeding in the low ditch.

The big 40! #blog #blogging

I asked the First Lady for permission to get people on the train to sing her a song. She was politely arguing her refusal when I suddenly jolt-started her by getting up and making a plea. Somewhat unusual for dressed ladies with lipstick as this was a usual thing with people who had either musical instruments or tins to collect money.

All in a morning…

“It’s my birthday” says the honourable lady. “Let’s have breakfast at the inn” I was so excited. It’s easier to get-up-and-go now, because the children are older and more independent. Did I say that I’m a single mum to 3 young adults, 18, 20 and 21? I’ll leave it with you to work out my…

Who will speak for the children?

This story will not be balanced or accurate without mentioning its impact on the children  – the ones innocent in all this… One day my mum called my attention to the rehearsal and accounts of my 2 and a half year old daughter who sat under the table, relieving and recounting events between her parents….

Can you see a face mark?

I think to this day, I marvel at the different influences from culture, environment, background, media (tv and soaps), church and friendships that contribute to shape our thinking! I was so convinced I had to fix it or bear it! The friends that helped bring me out, spoke into my thinking. They challenged me to…

itrade gets a shape up – a makeover

Award winning writer Nissi and professional photographer, Jennifer Quan take a look at giving itrade a makeup. Young people in are offered photo shots, makeover in exchange for spending time answering some key questions about branding! What are you about? What projects do I want to get involved in? What does my appearance say about…

itrade – marketing tips

Award winner, writer, Nissi talks to a group. Young people giving their views about ways to market a business idea. Why would you buy after searching online rather than watching a TV advert? More at money wize