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Imagine how in this day and age technology begins to reveal myth-shattering ideaologies, ground-breaking discoveries that shake the very foundations of what we have held true for so many years. In this day and age people still say to children under 25, “Go back to where you come from!”

What is the correct answer to that I wonder? This young person say they replied “I was born here” to the shock of the other person. I think maybe I would have said something like, “where is that then?”

Anyhow technology, archaeology and DNA typing suggests the existence of the cheddar man – a mixed featured dark-skinned individual blue eyes that some have argued against for reasons best known to them.

Money Wize @ CVS Ripple centre, Barking

We had the exciting privilege to get involved in a conference on developing a Money Wize strategy for the borough. We were asked to run a workshop to showcase our methods and concepts

Money Wize

Money literacy workshop welcomes all ages. We had Matthew and Joshua both primary school age beat us all at the money game! What joy to see our young ones grasping financial concepts from an early age 🙂 Watch out for the video on website

Money Wize+

Another fun money literacy workshop in Dagenham dominated by young people during the school holidays.

Money Wize+

It’s holiday time with Money Wize – money literacy course in Dagenham library. Damz heads this session… The young people were undeterred by the weather and timing of workshop that they dominated the session to learn useful skills about money, investing and savings! Watch more action in our you tube clipshere


Watch our drop in session with business owner and guest, Wumi. Wumi is a beauty consultant and youth mentor who gave her time to engage with and talk with the youths about starting a beauty business. She was quite a hit as the pictures would reveal? I also took time to pose for a photo…


Ade, Lauretta, Staci, Priya and myself brainstorm a new project. All initiated by the young people on team. The youths learn how to design, develop and deliver a project – business. They present their idea and work on proposal, costings, sponsorships, promotion and building a project team!

itrade…drop in

Itrade visits Foyer again to relate to our very talented young people. We had fun as we discussed unique opportunities the youth could get involved in. Pics will tell story …

Money Wize

Damz takes money Wize session on a tour of money Wize+, an advanced version of our popular money game! See phases of faces 😉


itrade is a business literacy workshop and more! We rub shoulders with the most incredible talent: Vivien is becoming a much sought after chef; Troy has secured a placemat with accomplished cook, Jamie Oliver, Theresa is pursuing a course in Estate management; Michelle is learning how to run a child nursery; Staci will be starting…

Money Wize – let your hair down …

More users, young and older than young join for an exciting money literacy session in Dagenham library. Enjoy our many faces of fun. Stella says, “I come here to let my hair down”. Mr Hussain, Mr Ade and Master Israel join us… May on top form as she laughs about her attempts to keep an…