Coincidence or God-incidence? #Blog #Blogging

I had the opportunity
To meet some people from the “city”
And got to mix football with business
So was invited back to theirs in Chelsea!

Changing maths play 

Changing maths play foreverWith the strength we can muster Is what our local company Actually set out to accomplish As we dey for abroad No one should be left behind But It seems that a lot Of children need a hand If this is your way of saying no Feel free to say so! IContinue reading “Changing maths play “

Avon box to board game?

Here is a short transcript of the board game story. 😉 We had gained some local success with previous community projects in Barking and Dagenham, Essex, UK with the talent showcase ‘Cultural Event’ in 2011, and Miss BD – a community search to crown a young role model in 2012, so it was easier toContinue reading “Avon box to board game?”

Nominated at Business Awards 2013

It was such an honour to get recognition at the recent Barking and Dagenham business Awards 2013 where we were nominated for our Innovative contribution to the community in helping educate, encourage and enable good money skills in young people and parents. Our team photo also shows our new money game project