Making a difference

I could not resist the idea to produce board games to help families talk, bond and learn together. We launched a crowdfunder to help deliver board games to families during and after the #lockdown Interested? Take a look at this

How could anyone have predicted this?

I am reminded and again humbled by the sovereignty of our God. It was years ago, sometime between 2013 and 2014 when the bMoneywize board game was created that I had a dream. At the time, we were creating discussion and action cards for the money game and I fell into a dream one night….

#bMoneywize App has landed

Children with access to smart access, all over the world will soon get the opportunity to gain money and maths skills, learn with their friends and family and better mental health!

Daddy made book launch a big deal

Riddled with but not labelled, one of the boroughs with the highest recorded incidences of domestic violence, it seemed fitting that a community-oriented platform to address the matter was apt and timely.